Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

One of the most puzzling mysteries of the planet Earth is in the desert of Nazca drawings. Browse images very easily, they are clearly drawn.

But they will not be able to read each. In general, few people can. Maria Reiche, a German researcher assumed that the geoglyphs used as a solar calendar, or to observe astronomical cycles. But there is a contradiction. Really convenient to observe the calendar from a height. The figures generally depict animals or simply lines. Years of research scientists have shown that the figures came from about the 6th century BC to the 2nd century AD. Another mystery budorazhuschih minds of scientists are the secrets of Egyptian pyramids. Learn more about that on our website

Many asked the question. How does the drawings have survived to our time. Figures marked on stone black furrows white. They are usually heated less than the surrounding surface. This difference in temperature and pressure helps to keep the drawings even after a sandstorm. The soil under the pictures heavily compacted it is also very important point, which helps them last longer.

The underwater city is also very interesting mysteries. One of these towns is Yonaguni. One day, near the Japanese island of Yonaguni in the seabed divemaster was discovered large stone monument. Platforms are wide and flat. Little was visible pattern of lozenges and rectangles. The walls are up to 28 meters. Big stage, amazingly beautiful terraces.

Concrete is composed of variations of sandstone. And, as you know, such variations are usually quickly crack, crumble or change shape. But oddly enough all intact and looks very nice. You can see the remains of some plant species which are peculiar to the dry soil, not underwater. This suggests that the underwater city when it was above the water surface. Who could come up with such a beautiful building. How did it get into the water, and how has survived to the present day. As long as it remains a secret.

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