Secrets of Russian weapons watch online

Secrets of Russian weapons watch online
Here is a series of programs, which tells about the history and the creators of the Russian guns, in what will be debunked many legends and legends that are unknown and previously unpublished information.
You find out the reasons why, at the start of stateliness Russian war, the Soviet Union had only a few experimental tanks T-34, although at that time it was the unmatched military machine designed for a long time before these events, Russian designers. How and by whom was created the famous "weapon-retaliation "Katyusha. What are the tests she took and how they have been successful.
Before you unfold history automatic creation of the latest generation of fictional G.Nikonovym and Mosin rifle equipped with a telescopic sight, which for many years served as a sniper properly and had them an indispensable tool. Full of dramatic events history the creation of a bomber T-4, which at the command of Stalin himself was absolutely copied from the South American B-29 and put into series production …

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