Secrets of the Lake District

January 30, 2012 15:52

Lake District keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries, not fully disclosed to the present day

In the British national park "Lake District", located in the mountainous region Cumbria and famous for its mysterious green valleys and no less mysterious lakes, in water and on land recently discovered strange gelatinous white clots.

Park rangers say that similar "goo" is here and previously, for example, two years ago, and the earliest mention of it, according to historical archives, refer to XIV century.

According to those residents who do not scruple to pick up a nasty-looking gelatinous lumps, they quickly disappear in your hands, like evaporate.

Not yet know the results of analyzes of this strange substance, but, according to the basic version, operated by the experts of the national park, "goo" is either digested remains of poisonous frogs, which were eaten by various animals and after izrygnuty out because of its toxicity, or sperm deer, as was found during that season when the deer rut begins.

Interestingly, in the year 2009 there were attempts to analyze the composition of the substance. Dr. Hanse Slyme from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh investigated samples of jelly under the microscope, but was discouraged by the results: gelatinous lumps were composed of almost 100% of the normal water!

The residents of the Lake District has its own explanation of the appearance in their area of white clots. They are convinced that the mysterious substance — of extraterrestrial origin. He even gave a sonorous name, "star jelly".

British ufologists of the same opinion and argue that in "Star Jelly" became after falling to the ground the famous "angel hair"!

According to numerous observations, "hair" often falls to the ground after the UFO overflights, and after a few minutes or hours turn into shapeless lumps of white or gray in color with an unpleasant odor. Once in the hands of man, they mysteriously evaporate!

Ufologists believe that the "angel hair" are "surplus energy UFO materialized." Dissolved, "they come back to their dimension or another space-time continuum." However, despite the large number of eyewitness evidence confirming the existence of this phenomenon, the researchers are not too far along in its study.

Pointing to the different structure and quality of the unusual precipitation, the witnesses say, and those specific to these common features: it is a thick, whitish substance which falls relatively slowly, but quickly disappears, even in sealed containers. However, the release of heat or other chemical effects were observed. Matter simply disappears, as if it had never existed.

If this is the fibrous material and its individual translucent fibers have a diameter of about 0.1 microns and have significant resistance to stretching and twisting. However, usually the majority of fibers confused in clumps or individual "threads", a thickness of about 20 microns.

A native of the ADA

It should be noted that the Lake District keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries, not fully disclosed to the present day. For example, in its territory is located stretches for 18 kilometers in length and a half — wide famous Lake Windermere is home to being named Bownessie (Brokeback Nessie).

According to the record, the first time a "prehistoric" plesiosaur was spotted in a lake thirty years ago, a local resident, who faced him almost nose to nose, and a good look at his head, resembling the face of a dog breed Labrador.

Ever since Brokeback see Nessie in Windermere regularly: one — two times a year. The last "meeting" with her was recorded in February 2011.

Another famous inhabitant of the national park, according to the testimony of numerous witnesses, not otherwise connected to the other world! Local residents, after a series of meetings with him, called it a werewolf! One of the latter with the "native of hell" met a Jane McNeill. "I walked around the neighborhood with his friend, who was on a leash his dog — says Jane. — Suddenly the dog broke free and ran to the barking of a dog was in the distance. We went there too.

Approaching the animals, we realized that there was no dog in the usual sense of the word. Apparently realized that he was wrong, and my friend's dog. He clung to our knees and whined piteously.

Gelatinous lumps were composed of almost 100% of the normal water

Externally, the creature was like a fox, but the size of an adult lion! It has long been considered us, growling and making no attempt to attack, and then turned and slowly headed for the woods. We have for some time stood still, as if hypnotized, and then ran home without looking back. "

Jane looked at home several atlases with animals and in none of them did not find the image of the beast, with whom he met. Only in the book about werewolves, she saw a similar picture …

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