Secrets of the megalith

January 5, 2013 19:47

In many countries of the world and even on the sea floor are mysterious constructions of huge stone blocks and slabs. They are called megaliths (from the Greek words "megas" — big and "Litos" — stone). Still do not know who and why had in very ancient times in different parts of the planet as a titanic work, because the weight of some blocks in the tens or even hundreds of tons.

Altai megalith. Photo:

The most amazing in the world of stones

Megaliths divided into dolmens, menhirs and trilitis. Dolmens — the most common type of megaliths are original stone "houses", but in Brittany (France Province) there are at least 4500 pieces. Called menhirs installed vertically elongated boulders. If two blocks vertically mounted top with a third, then a structure called trilitis. In the event that trilitis installed in the ring band, as in the case of the famous Stonehenge, such a structure is called kromlehom.Until now, no one can say for sure what purpose these imposing buildings were built. Hypotheses on this subject very much, but none of them can not exhaustively answer all the questions raised by these silent majestic stones.

For a long time associated with the ancient megaliths funerary ritual, but close to most of these stone structures, archaeologists have found no graves, and those that have been found, most likely made already at a later time.

Most rasprosrtanennaya and supported by many scientists hypothesis connects structure with the most ancient megalithic astronomical observations. In fact, some megaliths can be used as the vizier, allowing a fixed point of rising and setting of the sun and moon in the solstices and equinoxes.

However, opponents of this hypothesis, there is quite a fair questions and criticisms. First, there is a lot of megaliths, which are difficult to associate with any astronomical observations. Secondly, why the old in that distant time needed so time-consuming way of knowing the movement of heavenly bodies? Even if the way they set dates for agricultural work, it is well aware that the start of sowing depends much more on the state of the soil and the weather than by a certain date, and can be moved in either direction. Third, opponents of the astronomical hypothesis rightly point out that with such an abundance of megaliths, such as Karnak, one can always find a dozen stones, ostensibly established to astronomical purposes, and for what then meant thousands of others?

Impressive scale of the works of the ancient builders. Do not dwell on Stonehenge, much of it already written, let us remember the megaliths of Carnac. Perhaps this is the biggest megalithic ensembles in the world. Scientists believe that the first he counted up to 10,000 menhirs! Now remained only about 3 thousand for vertical boulders reaching in some cases a height of several meters.

It is believed that this ensemble originally lasted for 8 km from Saint-Barba to river crash, now he only survived for about 3 kilometers. There are three groups of megaliths. To the north of the village of Carnac is cromlech in a semicircle and eleven ranks in which there are 1,169 menhirs in height from 60 cm to 4 m for a number — 1170 m

No less impressive, and the other two groups, which are likely, once with the first component of an ensemble, at the end of XVIII century. He more or less preserved in its original form. The largest menhir entire ensemble was the height of 20 meters! Unfortunately, he fell and fractured, however, and as such megalith inspired involuntary respect to the creators of such a miracle. By the way, even with the help of modern technology is very difficult to cope with even a small megaliths in case it needs to be restored in its original form, or move to another place.

Around the "blame" dwarfs?

Megalithic structures are found even in the bottom of the Atlantic, and the oldest of the megaliths attributed to the 8th century BC. Who was the author of such a challenging and mysterious stone buildings?

In many legends, in one way or another about these megaliths, often appear mysterious mighty midgets that can effortlessly perform backbreaking work for ordinary people. So, in Polynesia these dwarfs are the Menehune. If you believe the local legend, it was an ugly-looking creatures, only vaguely resembling humans, growth of up to 90 cm

Although the Menehune had look that chilling, dwarfs in general are friendly to people and sometimes even helped them. Menehune not stand sunlight, so there were just after sunset, in the dark. Polynesians believe that these dwarfs are the authors of megalithic structures. Interestingly, in the Oceania Menehune appeared, arriving at a large three-tiered island Kuaihelani.

Menehune if needed visit by land, their floating island fell into the water and swam to shore. After performing the intended work dwarfs on his island again rose into the clouds.

Famous Caucasian dolmens Adygeys houses called dwarfs and midgets Ossetian legends mentioned, named bitsenta people. Dwarf bitsenta, despite its growth, had a remarkable strength and was able to dump a glance huge tree. There is mention of gnomes and the Aborigines of Australia: as you know, on this continent in large numbers are found megaliths.

In Western Europe, where no shortage of megaliths, as the legend of the mighty dwarf, who, like the Polynesian Menehune, can not stand the light of day and different uncommon physical strength.

Although many scientists still retains some degree of skepticism about the legend, still widespread in the folklore of the peoples of the information about the existence of a small powerful narodtsem to be based on any real facts. Maybe the world really once existed race of dwarfs or they took the aliens from outer space (remember the flying island Menehune)?

The mystery remains a mystery

Megaliths, probably created with unclear until we purposes. This is the conclusion reached by scientists who have been studying the unusual energy effects that are observed in the location of megaliths. For example, some stones devices failed to register a weak electromagnetic radiation and ultrasound. In 1989, under one of the stones, researchers have caught even unexplained radio signals.

Scientists believe these mysterious effects can be explained by the fact that the megaliths are often installed in places where the earth's crust are faults. How the ancient find these places? Maybe by dowsers? Why megaliths installed it in energetically active places the earth's crust? These are the questions that scientists still do not have clear answers.

In 1992, Kiev researchers RS Furdui and YM Shvaydak proposed the hypothesis that the megaliths can be complex technical devices — namely, the generators of acoustic and electronic vibrations. Rather unexpected suggestion, is not it?

This hypothesis was not born in a vacuum. The fact that British scientists had previously found that many megaliths emit ultrasonic pulses. As suggested by scientists at Oxford University, ultrasonic vibrations are caused by weak electric currents, suggestive under the influence of solar radiation. Every single stone with a small radiating energy, but on the whole complex of megalithic stone can sometimes create a powerful energy burst.

It is interesting that for most of megaliths were chosen by their creators rocks containing a large amount of quartz. This mineral is able to generate a small electric current under the influence of compression … As you know, the stones of the temperature drop is compressed, then expanded …

Tried to solve the mystery of the megaliths on the assumption that their creators were primitive people of the Stone Age, but this approach was counterproductive. Why not assume that the opposite: the creators of the megaliths had very advanced intelligence that allows them to use the natural properties of natural materials for the unknown solutions until we technical problems. In fact — at least cost, and what a dress! These stones have stood for thousands of years, performing their tasks, and only now people are having some vague doubts about their true purpose.

No metal would not survive as long as it would have taken away our enterprising ancestors ate or corrosion, but the megaliths are still … Perhaps one day we will discover their secret, and while the stones better left alone. Who knows, these buildings are some converters formidable forces of nature?

Andrei Sidorenko

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