Secrets of the third shell — the encyclopedia?

Without claiming to be a complete coverage of the history of the study of megaliths, we mention one more attempt to decode them. At various times, some researchers hypothesized that some megalithic structures are a kind of ancient "stone encyclopedias," in which a hidden (esoteric) encrypted form complex scientific data about the Earth, Space, and so on.

An example is the work of Russian researchers VF Tereshina and VI Avinskogo relating to Stonehenge. The authors believe that the geometry of the stone circles of Stonehenge and the wells are encrypted sophisticated mathematical and astronomical data obtained by unknown means builders of Stonehenge: the value of pi, the diameters of planets in the solar system. In addition, they suggest that Stonehenge is an integral part of the system of British megaliths, including Woodhenge, Avebury, a number of embankments and other types Cursus. The geometry of this whole complicated system of buildings allegedly contains encrypted information about the solar system, in particular the parameters of the orbits of almost all the planets.

The findings, to be sure, paradoxical, but how they are obtained? As the key to deciphering the geometric features of Stonehenge, the authors apply them discovered purely speculative (or even esoterically) some geometric shapes: regular 11-gon — pentagram, a kind of a pentagon with two longer sides. According to them, the ancient builders of Stonehenge in its design and construction used these geometric shapes as a rigid frame which stimulated all the geometric features of this complex multi-ring structures. But in the structure of Stonehenge, these figures are not fixed any special holes, rocks, and moreover, as noted by the authors of the hypothesis, "… the actual situation of the earthworks and the holes are not strictly correspond to the elements of the pentagram, and a little" dancing "around the geometric lines."


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