Secrets of the Tomb of Tutankhamun

The discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun was an important event in the history of mankind. She gave modern man is not only a large number of interesting things and beautiful treasures, but also a great many secrets, which to this day remains unsolved.

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Both the first and the most exciting of them — this is the great curse of the pharaoh. The tomb was found by plaque, the text of which was that anyone who breaks the peace of the pharaoh died. At first it did not attach importance. But a series of subsequent discovery of the tomb of Death made to listen to these words.

The very first Lord Carnarvon died, then his wife, a sister, a doctor who did x-rays discovered in the tomb of the mummy. A total of twenty-two people died, scientists involved in the excavation. However, some historians argue that these deaths only chance. But, you see, it is very difficult to be called an accident sudden death of so many people.

Keep the secret and some of the items found inside the tomb. This is the tomb of stone, which has traces of the cut, two unusual pipes and stainless steel dagger. Scientists argue that the finding made by the tomb cut circular saw. But where in those days to take the circular saw? It is not clear. Fife is made of an alloy of silver and copper. But the most surprising is their property. One of them very easily introduced into a trance a lot of people, and the second could turn off electricity over large areas, which was repeated twice.

Also in the tomb were found and the items very modern type. For example, a lamp, which is a gift to my husband wife of Pharaoh. The secret of this lamp is that the ignition of fire in it, through the translucent walls become visible young couple — Tutankhamun and his wife, Anhesenamon.

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