Seismologists expect an earthquake in Simferopol

Bella Gavrilovna been a guest of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".  Photo by Sergei TARADAEVA.Crimean capital is a 7-point zone.
As told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Chairman of the Crimean Council expert on seismic hazard Bella Pustovitenko, catastrophes on the peninsula are rare, but possible earthquake.

— Of course, it will be. Such is the nature of our region. When there is an earthquake, hard to say. To powerful earthquake should undergo a process of accumulation of energy that spills over in an earthquake — told Bella Gavrilovna. — Builders must take this into account, so the new buildings should be constructed in accordance with regulations. In Crimea always earthquakes, but they are weak and are not felt by people. We follow the seismic situation.

According Pustovitenko, Crimea has 7 stations, which record all vibrations. Most of the peninsula is a danger to Turkey.

— Turkish earthquake on the special control, because for us it is a potential danger. The process of the Earth's crust can not be stopped. It is a living organism. Accumulated stress from time to time to reset the form of earthquakes. We have with intensity 8 points once in 500 years could be an earthquake from Sevastopol to Kerch — said seismologist. — Simferopol is a 7-point zone. Forecast the exact date is uncertain, but if an earthquake occurs, for example, in Kerch, the hurt that region. In Sevastopol feel at 5-6. Earthquake could be in 100 years, so we have to live now and not think about the bad.

Gavrilovna Bell said that there are two types of vibrations. According to her, when there is a shift of one unit relative to another — a longitudinal wave, they go very fast. And also there are transverse waves.

— The result — the second wave is at a slower rate than the first. That is, the second wave is late, she can come to the South Coast, for example, 10 seconds later. If you are on the first floor — you can only have time to run out. In no case can not run out from the ninth floor, the more use the elevator. Of course, can not be thrown out of the windows. September 9 in Simeiz we recorded nine aftershocks. Earthquake in 3-4 you feel on the streets and in public transport. These bumps are noticeable only by fluctuations chandeliers in the apartment.

To the question whether the Crimean vyderzhut flats new tremors, a specialist said that since 1998, all the houses are built of autonomy with the new data on the seismic hazard.

— After 1927, in the Crimea have begun to develop regulations for the construction of buildings. Then all the buildings earthquake unichtozhilro Partenita Yalta suffered by 70%. Modern standards provide all the previous accumulated experimental material. We have a total of 3000 data of earthquakes in the Crimea.

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