Seismologists warn earthquake and volcano could destroy all life in the Canary Islands

Seismologists from the National Geographic Institute of the Canary Islands in Spain have warned of the possibility of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the coming days.

In particular, the island of El Hierro, relating to the Canary Islands, assigned to the "yellow level" alarm. According to the statement of seismologists, struck the island a powerful earthquake, which is likely to be accompanied by a volcanic eruption.

Thousands of local residents and tourists have already prepared for the emergency evacuation of the area of possible disaster.

Evidence of a major earthquake came on the night of Sunday to Monday, when the experts were able to register some fifty shocks with an amplitude of 1 to 3 points. The head of the National Geographic Institute Jose Blanco believes that this is the first and undeniable sign that magma nears the surface of the Earth.

The volcano on the island of El Hierro, erupted for the last time more than two hundred years ago. Then hot lava flooded almost the entire island.

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