Sergei Kalyakin: This is a very cruel and unjust sentence

The leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin commented sentence Dmitry Bondarenko, who was sentenced today to two years colony.

"This is a very cruel and unjust sentence. The most that could incriminating, it is participating in an unsanctioned rally. For this you can get a fine or administrative arrest. Therefore it is a politically motivated decision and unfair.

The authorities are trying to intimidate people in the opposition, the active part of the opposition and All remaining, that they did not express their protest against the economic and social situation, which is deteriorating. The country is all bad, and the authorities can not now somehow znivelyavats the processes that are going in the economy and the social sphere. Therefore, they have chosen this path. Why? It's hard to say. But the road to nowhere. And in this way they are waiting for a very tough disappointment. "

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