Sergei Kovalenko was sent back for a day. He went on hunger strike

The morning of April 22 the CCP BPF activist Sergei Kovalenko, was taken to a police detention center for 12 days.

Member of the opposition immediately announced that he would continue his hunger strike to protest against what he calls "internal occupation" — against police authorities, the leadership of the IVS, jail, the KGB.

Kovalenko said that the police and other agencies unduly punish opposition activists, including and members of the Minsk rally on December 19.

Sergei Kovalenko must serve a detention center for 12 days, since April 8, he was released from the last 15-days arrest. According to the opposition, led to his temporary release earlier hunger strike, which he held in the detention center on March 26.

March 25 he was sentenced to seven days in jail for action on Freedom Day: the day before he came to the center of Vitebsk with three white-red-white flags. April 1, immediately downstream of the temporary detention, the police arrested him again. By decision of the criminal executive inspection, activist found to have violated the former regime of serving punishment — he is serving so-called "Home chemistry", three years of imprisonment "conditionally" after putting up a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree on January 7 last year.

During the second arrest of activist went on hunger strike for 11 days and starvation hit the cardiology department of the city hospital. April 8 he was discharged and allowed to go home at once: as explained in the detention center, at the hearing on his allegations.

Activist filed a complaint to the city prosecutor's office, but they decided that the two arrests are legitimate. Now Sergei Kovalenko will be in the detention center until May 4.

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