Service Google Street View captures UFO — PHOTOSESSION — VIDEO

October 1, 2012 0:23

In the skies over the city of Jacksonville (Jacksonville) in Texas (USA) on the service Google Street View captures an unidentified object, which can not be identified.

Service Google Street View captures UFO

Service Google Street View captures UFO

According to Day.Az, KLTV Channel produced a special report on the subject.

As written on the website of TV channel, the first UFO discovered Dove Andrea (Andrea Dove), while trying to get directions on Google Maps service from the city of Houston, where he lives in Jacksonville, where his aunt. Then Andrea wrote about it on television, which produced video from the location. The townspeople showed pictures strange object in the sky, sealed service Street View, but the people did not answer the question of what it is. Most of them joked about it.
Those who are interested in the object in the sky over Jacksonville, can find it here, writes


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