Shamanic prophecy XXI century

December 23, 2011 18:05

Soothsayers and prophets lived on Earth at all times. For some, their prophecy is cause for deep reflection on life, for others it was just an opportunity to satisfy his curiosity, well, and still others do not want to hear or are too skeptical. But whatever criticisms have not undergone the prophecy, the fact remains — many of them are already reflected in reality and, judging by what is happening in the world of change, many more are to come true in the near future …

There are a number of global predictions point to a looming catastrophic changes.

All known Michel Nostradamus in his "Centuries" predicted uncertainty of the historical process of development since 2001, and Jose Argueles — researcher civilizations of pre-Columbian America — calculated on the basis of ancient Indian calendar offensive end of the galactic wave in 2011, which is the life-giving, spiritual substance, coming on Earth from space. While in contrast, the horror and you can put the harmony and love coming era of Aquarius, which began on the classic western astrology in 2002, but something is not very much of that understanding and peace among people.

At the moment, we know many visionaries, but I want to hear the voice of the prophets, little-known, but are worthy of great trust. This particular category is shamanic diviners (shaman — a person engaged in spiritual practices and mediate between the spirit world and the human world). What they portend, we learn more, and while a little dilute disturbing atmosphere rather amusing narration of Messianic doctrine, common in the early 40-ies of XX century.

In the history of mankind has always lacked charlatans and amateurs in any field. And mentoring on the way to the divine is no exception. The original Messiah, John Frum, a preacher of a new life on the island of Tana, the predicted onset of the cataclysm, if white people do not leave the ancestral lands of the natives. To achieve the care of strangers, he called to get rid of money and, when the latter will remove the white back home, because they have no one to buy, then re-establish the ancient customs, and people will get all conceivable benefits inherent in, oddly enough, the European civilization. And, perhaps, to much fun without a doubt cause a civilized man, the prophecy says that the benefits of these aircraft will be delivered from America. Incidentally, it is the expectation of the aircraft and gave it a movement called "The Cult of Georgia."

Well, on the one hand, and really funny, and the other — sad. In the hope of a brighter future people will easily be tempted to ease his achievements. Tangible assets acquired utmost importance to them, and the culture, traditions and understanding has taken a back seat to a ridiculous belief in the divine plane.

Many centuries ago, with most of mankind there was an event very similar to what had happened. People are craving for riches of this world and the kingdom of him, forgot about nature, selecting Technological Development. Extensive knowledge of the subtle planes of existence required constant contact with the spirit (to maintain and expand the creative possibilities of the person), but it did not give fruit and fast results. Gradually, the knowledge of the true nature of things were lost, and then completely forgotten.

The same situation now — human needs are increasing every day, therefore, we have more and more perverted, inventing a "better life" and draining the power of Mother Earth. But is it possible to take her life and prosper themselves? Of course not. We are inextricably linked to it and influence each other. It is not known what will happen to humanity if it does not change its attitude to Nature.

But why do not we know? For example, Cree shaman Agnes Fast elk in his message to the people said, "What a great dreams Mother Earth turns slowly when in a dream? It seems that there is no end and faille this dark night. But one morning she wakes up, straightened his shoulders, surprised and

angry, because the bones of her body rastaskany cell for cell. Dark Night of the inside of each of us, the night we can not know, will be broken like an arrow, if we do not wake up with her. He wants us to its great earthly body? When she is bleeding, purging itself, if she remembers who we are? "

Shivers running through the skin and the hair stand on end with this. But is not this happening now? Did not inform the media about the flood, the awakening of volcanoes, of droughts and other natural disasters? By the way, very interesting about this prophecy was made shaman Elvilem, author of nine books on shamanism and the spiritual understanding of the world, publish their works under the pseudonym Olard Dixon. This shaman, plus the entire, is leader of the Raven clan, whose teachings spread from Chukotka to the Kola Peninsula and the followers of around a thousand people.

July 7, 2002 Elvilyu vision came: "I saw a giant, looking north. One leg of his standing in Europe, and the other — in Asia. And I realized that I have this giant. The sky parted and hands held out a wooden bowl filled to the brim with water. I took the cup, and the water flowed out of it two streams. One stream is joined with the rivers of Europe, and the other — with the rivers of Asia. River water became more and more. Here the river overflowed, and the flood came. People panicked and fled from the approaching water, but many of them were drowned. Then came a voice from heaven said: "Prevention is finished" But people were so busy saving his property, that no one had heard these words. "

Then you can scan a chronicle of events mentioned in the media, and took place during the second half of 2002: July 7 — flooding from river flooding in the Kuban, July 8 — the tsunami in Japan, August 7 — tornadoes, heavy rains and floods in the North Caucasus (Krasnodar Territory), 12 August — torrential rain, hail, snow and the global flood in the UK, Austria, Germany and other European countries. The list goes on, but is it worth?

Let's briefly look at the weather events in XXI century, recorded Elvilem shaman, but without exact dates when this will happen. Prophecy start line: "Creation of the Union of Slavic states and its disintegration." Followed: the collapse of Russia and the formation of many independent countries in the Far East and Siberia collapse of the Russian economy and the economic growth of the breakaway, breakaway war between states, etc.

Olard Elvil Dixon talks about the early adoption of the law on euthanasia. Incidentally, the northern people was practiced until recently, and according to some reports, there is now. Old people, feeling the approaching weakness, asked their relatives to choke them lasso to the soul remaining strength to successfully overcome barriers to the afterlife abode.

Shaman says, and of new, resistant to impact virus (due to mutations already known) and the revolutionary discoveries in medicine and physics, and the creation of an artificial man, and is found on the Earth there are other forms of life, and the collapse of the modern theories of the origin of man, and an increase in life expectancy with a simultaneous decrease in the birth rate … right last point is confirmed by the words of another shaman — Koryak Kochapa Tykentekeva, who said that the power of the people is not in its multiplicity, and the health of each of its members.

To learn how to be responsible for the irreverent nature of man's relation to the world, says the prophet and seer Mountain Indian Brotherhood Robert Ghost Wolf: "In the beginning of the XXI century world, catastrophic change. Because of the shift of the magnetic poles of the Earth simultaneously wake dozens of volcanoes. Their ashes will close for a few months the sun, and will begin the polar winter. The eruption of volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean would raise water to a hundred meters. Land into chaos and it will happen very soon.

In the beginning there will be three warnings. If humanity does not change his mind and will not learn to live and think in harmony with nature, much of it will be lost or in the fire, or in the water. " And slozno to confirm his words speaks Koryak shaman Kochap Tykentekev "… Only those who are able to start all over again, who has the right to life and the continuation of its kind. Let us hope that they will not repeat the mistakes and be sure to check out the laws of the Spirit, because they are all for the good. "

Detailed information on the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth occurs in the prophecies Olarda Elvilya Dixon, and the so-called "Message of the International Brotherhood of Shamanic Clan to the inhabitants of the Earth." General shifting of the poles as a fact has the scientific rationale and confirmed by many scientists around the world. Some are fully share the view of shamans and soothsayers, based on projections, provide an explanation for the causes of impending danger.

For example, the Russian scientist Alexander Dmitriev, dealing with global environment, said that the tragedy will be triggered by the industrial might of the U.S., which completely forgotten about spirituality and thus alienated the cosmic energy (the same galactic tide Jose Arguelesa. At States, rather all, and come down first, and thus the most powerful natural disaster strike. Differently be the case in Siberia and the Far East. This region absorbs the energy of the cosmos and is therefore a good place for all forms of life. Maybe with this is connected the future prosperity of Asia hook center of culture, as urged by many of the prophets, not only shamans.

Many people are afraid of shamans and do not trust them. This is because most do not know that the philosophy of the mystics is the effective teaching of the forces of Nature, based on knowledge of the deepest aspects. "Judge by their actions and language" — takuchat wise. How can a man with a "diabolical faith," as some say, to absorb the grief of others and "burn through" in your heart, relieve suffering, hurt, expecting nothing in return for this. This is the essence of the whole direction of shamanism.

Power shamans always reflected in the incredible stories. They say that for a long time they could not even fly through the air. Shamans themselves report that it is not an idle fiction, just before people were living with the Spirit, and not with machines. Archaeological excavations and anthropological studies have shown that ancient, not recognizing the wheel and iron, yet carry out complex operations on the brain and have the knowledge, not available to modern scientists. This knowledge with each new age all pay and away from children.

Today the world is waiting for the shaman secondary return to Earth the first celestial Shaman. According to German shaman son Vasily Baatagay: "We are waiting for a young child with a white eye. Somewhere he must be born soon. " It turns out that people give higher power to correct, just send the new educator of humanity, and clarifies how Elvil, it must come from Russia. In the same prophecy speaks about his martyrdom. A similar prophecy comes from the shaman and the Apaches John Ranninga, it only appears in an even bleaker: "Before the end of the world will be a strong earthquake, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of people will die. Then war breaks out, and the moon will turn red and the sky will disappear. There will come a prophet, and to preach the new doctrine. For some it will be the Messiah, while others call him the Antichrist. " Well, like this has happened more than once. A striking example of this — Jesus, crucified with a sign "King of the Jews" to the cries of the crowd, and blasphemy.

Here it is appropriate to revisit the Elvilya prophecy that predicts the shift towards Asia, the global decline in the role of the Orthodox Church, its modification and internal schism.

Thus, following the shamanic revelations, we come to the edge of the abyss of blackness that are looking at us through the eyes of predators of our actions and thoughts. They inevitably chosen us to appear in all its terrifying glory. That can resist these monsters if not fire Heaven and Earth water, ready to wither and dissolve themselves in our actions?

That's what we are predicting shamans clairvoyants: "On the ground in the North Atlantic — said John Ranning — fall comet. Begin unprecedented storms and giant waves will fall upon all the coastal areas, which will lead to the death of 2.3 million people. The planet will descend from its orbit, I plunge into the ice. All living things die. "

The possibility of an invasion of space points and the famous writer Vladimir Khristoforov which the last guardian of ice sarcophagus — tombs shamans Chukotka Peninsula, "February 1, 2019 the asteroid will approach the Earth, which may cause displacement of the magnetic poles and the flood, even if pass by." Humanity, according to shamans need a shake-up for the world to update.

Tuvan shaman society Tos of Dzer "(" Nine Heavens ") Albina Tava-Samba said:" The main flaw is the people's unawareness of their actions. They need to slow down for a moment and think about what they are doing, to remember their roots and get back to nature. "

Maybe it's worth listening to what whispers to us through the mouth of the Cosmos and visionaries, joined forces to try to avert the danger hovering over the planet, which gave us shelter in this great vast ocean called the universe?

Author: S.Spirin

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