Shar-comer in the basement of Lubyanka

February 14, 2012 17:35

In 1975, near the village of Berezovka in Chernihiv during excavation at the bottom of a clay pit depth of about 8 meters was found a mysterious object of spherical shape. No one would believe that very soon a strange discovery seriously interested in the state security service, and later it will be connected with the name of Brezhnev …

… One of slushy February days in 1981 in the Kremlin, in the Almighty Military-Industrial Commission were called two leaders of science and technology the KGB. According to the data that we had in the MIC, the team had a chance to investigate a strange object in the shape of a small ball. The researchers suggested that it is a container with fuel spacecraft, once visited the Earth.

Scientists have argued that within the container is antimatter. In the case of the destruction of the shell of the ball is inevitable annihilation of antimatter, followed by an explosion of colossal strength. Unfortunately, scientists have not been able to fully implement the proposed plan of research, as the ball away from them, and he disappeared without a trace in the multimillion Moscow.

MIC has asked the KGB to establish who is holding the ball, and immediately remove it. The ball should neutralize not later than February 20, that is, before the XXVI Congress of the Party.

According to a representative defense industry, it became clear that the mysterious ball had to be sought in those who are fond of the UFO problem, or parapsychology.

And, indeed, there was talk of parapsychologists, a mysterious object, with a strong biofield. The most vigilant of them said, that if the ball gets into the "wrong hands", his aura can be applied to the detriment of the country's leadership during the upcoming party congress.

It took about a week, and from the military-industrial complex in the KGB received a document of 50 typewritten pages, which was full of figures and tables under the modest title:

"The results of preliminary studies paleonahodki" Ball "as alleged alien object." The authors of this work were the two scientists — F. and M. [obviously VN Fomenko and DA Menkova].

They wrote: "The ball is manmade … Calculation of the nuclear density of the ball gave a paradoxical result: it has an anti-gravity. Put forward and analyzed 12 versions of natural and artificial, terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin of the world. The most likely version is recognized that the ball — a repository stored energy in the form of anti-matter remaining in the world, apparently, crashed alien spaceship, which occurred about 10 million years ago.

The ball was found in 1975 in Western Ukraine in the extraction of clay at a depth of 8 meters. It found the excavator, which brought the ball back and gave his son-schooler, and in fact took it to the local museum of the village, a retired school teacher.

The Museum Ball spent about three years, until he was picked up came from Moscow to visit her father's son a teacher at the Institute of Earth Physics of the USSR N.

After some time, the ball fell to the Moscow parapsychologist who discovered the possibility of bio-energy from the ball, which he, in their opinion, collects and accumulates in the field created by extraterrestrial highly developed civilizations in space. They removed this energy rubbing the ball with his hands.

First authors of the report saw the ball in 1989, while riding a UFO landing near the village Popovka, which brought the ball Parapsychology Laboratory D. to "energize the field of remaining at the landing of UFOs."

February 20, at the end of the day I was called S., regional officer of the KGB, and said that you can come and pick up the ball. It turned out that he was found in the well-known parapsychologist enthusiast D., who, referring to the specific qualities paleonahodki, refused to show it. D. Fit the ball in a device, by which, according to him, can be made purposeful exposure biofield living objects and render them as positive and negative effects. We took the ball.

I took the instrument from its case. Weight in it was no more than two pounds. "But not to turn! — Shouted S. — If you believe, D., encased in the device self-destruct device, triggered by his sudden turning or pressing the button. " In the bottom of the generator was huge, the size of the metal Soviet ruble, the red button.

D. warned that button should be used as a last resort, as happens a giant explosion. Its estimated capacity is such that it occured in Moscow, a city within the Garden Ring will be swept from the face of the earth.

The fact that the generator was encased in a self-destruct device, which would be constantly jeopardizing the life of the creator of the instrument and of his family, does not jibe with cheerfulness D. We regarded the "device of self-destruction" as the obvious desire to give meaning to the inventor of his own creation and hold a favorite toy from unwanted hands.

However, when I packed the instrument back in its case at the Moscow KGB with undisguised satisfaction me to the door of his office and wished me all the best, he knew that disassembly of the generator will be held no earlier than the next morning and was supposed to be at this point far beyond the Garden Ring, in the country …

The next day our working group has been fully assembled. We made the decision to open the device and start studying it. Once on the right side were removed the screws and the device was removed from the case, there was a friendly laughter: fixed in the bottom of the generator bio rusty nut ominous red button … with nothing to connect and have a purely fake function.

Were extracted from the device packed in a tin from Georgian tea four batteries, a dozen capacitors and resistors and some carefully isolated, which lasted four to wiring. That was a ball, wrapped in several layers of electrical tape and fiberglass and thickly smeared with some glue.

Before us on the table was almost correct form ball. Then began the rigorous study finds. We found an error in determining the center of gravity of the ball. It is this failure that brought F. and M. to the conclusion that the negative matter density "core ball" would generate a hypothesis about antimatter contained there. "Ball" was made out of glass.

When working with him was not without its oddities. The first of these occurred on February 23. The search for the ball was charged to several operational units. When the discovery was brought to the Lubyanka and the staff of the Moscow administration relieved the team to terminate the search of the ball somewhere delayed and came in time to rozysknikov.

February 23, the opening day of the XXVI Congress of the Party a summary report appeared Brezhnev, who in his speech became ill. In this regard, it was decided to cancel the live broadcast of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. But no explanation was forthcoming. One can imagine the reaction to some investigators that message. Some of rozysknikov did concluded that insidious parapsychologists with steel ball impact on the supreme authority of the country …

The second oddity occurred in the study of the world: in the measurement of its heat through the cracks in the ball hit … water! In other words, the inner cavity of the ball was not sealed, which rejected the hypothesis that in some kind of "anti-matter".

So, the basic "nail" on which hung a fantastic hypothesis of "container with antimatter" was eliminated. But the hypothesis of the discovery, forgotten by aliens in ancient times, continued to exist.

Moreover, the study of the world has led to new questions.

Experts from the Geological Institute, using the method of carbon, and found that although the ball and not 10 million years old, he "antediluvian" from centuries past and is likely to have an artificial origin. Forensics found that the material world is similar in composition to the bottle-glass, with the exception of sodium and increased ten-fold for strontium, which is unlikely for now existing windows in this class!

KGB experts have determined that the ball is not the source of any unknown sources of energy, possessing a "psychic properties." According to KGB agents, their mission has been completed and turned into a dangerous paleonahodka albeit in a mysterious but harmless object of unknown origin.

So where did the ball? I had to go to Western Ukraine, where he was found and where for centuries engaged in rural Gutach Glass fishing. The first item was a business trip Lions. But in the Historical Museum or the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life I have not helped.

At my request, Lviv historical museum security officers telephoned Drohobych, sisters, IvanoFrankovska, Uzhgorod and other Carpathian cities. It was all to no avail. Finally one opersotrudnik remembered that in the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts SSR working woman who "knows all about glass." It was a F.S.Petryakova. Taking a look at the pieces of the ball out of it and one of them in his hands, Faina S. said: "This is Gallo."

"Information about the Ukrainian Gallo. Gallo as a matter of life of Ukrainian peasants (mostly XVII — XIX centuries), used for ironing fabric. Gallo is a relatively primitive product of glass manufacture. They were made in Gutach — glass workshops, common in the past in the forested regions of Ukraine. Examination of the fragments presented — their shape, color and texture of the surface, traces of leaching — brown spots — suggests that they are fragments of a Gallo. "

Faina S. explained the unusual chemical composition of the Earth: the Gallo made of junk left in the oven glass, which is already on what was no good. Since steklovarnaya oven Huta worked for several days, as the sodium light element and an integral component of any glass left with a good product, and slowly burning out in the oven, its concentration in the alloy decreased.

Similarly able to increase the percentage of heavy elements — strontium, which accumulate in the slag melt formation. It turned out also that our halos, the will of fancy have had "alien object", buried for a hundred years and fifty. The very same halo, heated in boiling water to a high temperature, was used as the perfect iron to smooth full sleeves shirts in Ukrainian.

But the history of the world this is not over! Soft attempts to explain the DA that his instrument confers no bio, have not had success. He insisted that he be returned "generator biofield".

Had to quickly make a similar sized ball and mount it in the circuit. His performance in J. beyond doubt.

Several years passed. In the mid-80s in all the high court began to receive a message asking about the use of generators for the treatment of diseases, the transmutation of metals into gold, and as a weapon of destruction. Creator of the "miracle generators" was J. D. Some people are interested in the application. So experts KGB again faced with the device "inventor", this time located on the study in one of the Moscow institute. Help from experts KGB

"D. developed technical devices that can, in his words, to accumulate "hidden vacuum energy" and radiate the D-wave. " The main element of each unit is a so-called "active body", empowers the desired properties by D. "

By the way, I had to come to the lectures of "D-wave" he allegedly treats from space. With their instruments D. managed to "remove" the flood in Leningrad, and to reduce mortality from myocardial infarction in the city, sending the energy of "A-wave" from his biogenerator Leningrad television station through an antenna. Similar experiments have been made to them in Baku, Tbilisi, Petrozavodsk and other cities.

In 1981, we investigated a device created by AD — "emitter D-waves." "An active body" of the radiator was a "paleoobekt-ball" capable, according to D., accumulate and generate the D-rays. As you remember, the object was removed by us for the study and replaced hoax. On the basis of our fabricated moulage D. created a new, "more powerful transmitter."

It seems that everything is clear. But there were more and more "passionate" — the army, the prestigious university, the largest maritime shipping company … Apparently, the pinnacle of human credulity should consider the case of one of the secretaries of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Estonia, which D. Make sure on the outskirts of Tallinn, one of the garden plots in the land is a crashed flying saucer. Sent to a higher order of equipment, digging a huge pit, did not find anything …

Yuri Cold

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