Shoigu ordered «Skype»-mobiles

Shoigu ordered
In the army go «KAMAZ» kitted laptops for video with the Minister

Troops will receive a mobile complex for video conferencing. The first will test the newest system of the armed forces of the Far East. «Skype for the military» will allow top officials at any moment be contacted via an encrypted digital channel directly with the commander of the individual compound.

Mobile complex equipment will be located in a special container on the basis of KAMAZ trucks 5350, also inside the army vans, trailers. Will be installed inside computers, microprocessor-based Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with 8GB memory and a removable hard drive 240 GB, the image is displayed on the LCD monitors 21 «and 27» inches. Resolution HD webcam is 2 megapixels, and a sound card with 7.1 channels will allow reincarnate complex «home cinema».

Other than mobile stations based on trucks and trailers in the complex will include high-impact «field» notebooks Getac X500 2.4 GHz microprocessor, 8GB memory, and a 160GB SSD hard drive.

Brand new army communication system actually is IP-telephony, the difference is in the structure and protection of private army sector data transmission system is isolated from the Web and Loaded with encoding hardware and software. Connection between members of the network will be installed on the Ethernet technology with skoroti 1000 Mbit / s.

Staff server system will consist of eight computers connected to the network on the basis of 2-six-core Intel processors and Heon total of four SSD drives, control will be carried out from the 1st screen with a screen diagonal of 46 «. In addition to controlling the system will store the video server in a protected database, which will connect computers operators. Besides coordination video server designed for document collaboration, monitoring and operational situation of tactical calculations.

All computers will be installed Russian operating system «Linux Astra» based on Unix, which is already used by intelligence agencies and having the appropriate certificate — in military requirements comes to information processing, component of municipal mystery with a degree of privacy not less than «Top Secret.»

As told «Izvestia» in «RusBitTeh» engaged in the development of the operating system «Linux Astra» on client computers retains no disk imaging — all stays on the server. To start the workstation operator handy electric personal «key» access to the chip, resembling a key intercom. In addition, no external memory device will not determine the operating system without making it into a preparatory base.

Also rassredotachivaniya access channel protection will be provided by the firewall. «Metal firewall» will hunt down all the data movement in accordance with the established timetable compounds all unauthorized connections fail to go unnoticed. Also in accordance with the schedules will change passwords, will be further evaluated their complexity.

The videoconference with the Minister commanders will the headset Plantronics EncorePro NC function with critical communication gap, for their comfort in KAMAZ install leather seats with adjustable backrest.

Vice-President of the Academy for Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov considered overkill innovation and violation of army foundations, noting unsafe use of this kind of technology.

— This is a great populist toy. There are principles of hostilities — the company commander must manage the regimental commander. And if the defense minister will ring through video company commander, this means that the armed forces reigns mess. Since remain out of the regimental commander, the division commander, the commander of the army, and so on. In addition, a very broad range of the signal, which simply suppress or replace, and much more difficult to defend. Digital communications to provide better use of disk imaging cartographic assistance fighter with their commander, — said Konstantin Sivkov.

The first set of communication troops will use the Eastern Military Area, they should get them by the end of November this year, the same deadline the military should be trained in working with the latest equipment. To purchase equipment from the federal budget allocated 250 million rubles.

Alexei Krivoruchek

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