Siberian shamans of impending disaster

November 12, 2012 7:38

In 1975, in many Siberian cities of Irkutsk samizdat a book anthropologist and ethnographer of Philosophy Candidate Artemia Polotsk, which contained the prophetic predictions of shamans and conservatives on those disasters that ever shook our world, and those — come — which called the "end of the world."

Over 30 years ago the Soviet A.Polotsky first told readers about the legendary Mayan calendar and tried to interpret the Bible in terms of its view of the time available to mankind.

All contents of this book, which caused a lot of noise while in Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, Barnaul, I vodilos to that in Earth's history there were several cases, when a planetary cataclysm destroyed all life, mi change that comes new species new races of animals and people. The author stated that in the future such disasters do not pass by the planet, and will be repeated with frightening cyclical-I can, which he derived from years of research.

In his theoretical calculations A. Polotsk was based on ethnographic material collected, stories and legends of the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Also, in his work, he refers to the famous and the seventies in those places Yegor Kuhlina Old Believer, a hermit who lived on the banks of the Yenisei River on the border of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Tuva, and had the reputation of medicine man, prophet and magician. In particular, Artemy Polotsk leads in the book "fable» I Kuhlina mountain where Believer says that "the darkness comes from the sky, shrouded in smoke and fire, from the womb of the earth will demonic darkness, and when will they meet each other, not is plaguing neither strong nor weak, neither poor nor rich, nor Free Bird or beast in a cage. " Such a terrible invasion Believer predicts when the "Sun will close three moons and the Earth comes the cold and darkness for three hours."

Told that horrible cave

A.Polotsky, considering that, in this case by the length of the solar eclipse, which normally lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, figured out that this time the phenomenon can occur in the summer of 2038. This is the time axis of the Earth, Moon and Sun coincide so that the moon will cover a daylight abnormally long period of time. A similar phenomenon happened only during the power of the Byzantine Empire, and shortly before the fall of the last of the ancient Egyptian kingdom …
Popular science work A.Polotskogo not without many mathematical and historical inaccuracies, but some Siberian scientists with a number of hypotheses to agree.

Thus, an employee of one of the research institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, DM Mezentsev, who studied in the late 80's of the last century, a group of scientists cuneiform inscription in a cave in a terrible Tigirekskih Altai mountains, came to the conclusion that the inscription are a kind of chronological description of past and future events. In the mid-nineties, having developed a special computer program, it will handle this cave inscriptions and got some interesting results. In particular, in cuneiform said of pale-faced people who come from the other side, where the sun sets, and shall have dominion eight centuries. Ancient soothsayers describe the appearance of large hydro — Bratsk and Sayano-Shushenskaya — telling that the "big water, propped by a stone wall, close the forests, wetlands, grasslands and mountains."

In wedge inscriptions said about natural disasters. In particular, they refer to major earthquakes in 1936, 1989 and 2000, as well as the boreal fires that have raged in this region in the mid-twenties of the last and the beginning of this century. Cave inscriptions and predict that as a result of a disaster in about 2115 Sayan and Altai Mountains go underground, the site of Lake Baikal will gape huge sandy hollow.

Conducted radiocarbon open images showed that their age is about 25-30 thousand years, which refers to the time period of the Pleistocene ice age. 11E its graphical nature, this cuneiform does not match any of the currently known groups writing.

Conversations with a shaman

Known in the first half of the XX century, Tomsk Research culture and life of the Siberian peoples Igor Savenkov in 1958, in his memoirs, described the "evening talks" with Umgaloy Butyashevym — Buryat shaman, healer and soothsayer, which took place in autumn 1947 in the village of Ubekma that the south-east Storm. Umgala Butyashev performed for I. Savenkova in the traditional manner skazitelnoy epic folk tunes, and went into the brink, as if to communicate with spirits of dead ancestors, who believed the shaman much interesting.

Apart from the usual for that time of favorable predictions about the future of the country and the people, Butyashev informed the guest that the spirits warn him of the bad times that will come at the end of XX century, and will last for three twelve-year cycle. The end of this difficult time period marked by a succession of wars will between East and West, to be stopped by the gods who came down from heaven. Human cruelty would be punished savage cold, which vymerznet water in reservoirs, die yields and famine. After all the tests in the world will be reborn race demi-demi-gods that ruled the world in ancient times.

Two hundred years of happiness

With the "gods who came down from heaven", the Siberian peoples linked many tales. In particular, the representatives of the peoples of northern Siberia — Ulchi — even in the middle of the XX century, a legend of heroes Dovgete — son of an earthly woman and God, who came from the sky in the "jar of fire." More militant tradition exists in chadobskih (Angara) Tungus, according to which in ancient times, the tribes of the southern mountains dwarfs attacked their people. Tungus tribes elders appealed to the gods, who, appearing from heaven in thunder and lightning, turned enemies into foul ashes, disappeared into the abyss of the sacred lake.

In one of the legends of Khakassia says that at a time when the rivers, mountains and steppes were put in an ice shell (Ice Age), in the sky there was a terrible battle of the gods. Evil deities were defeated, and in the land of prosperity again. However, according to the tradition, they come back when the "sky will fall to the ground, and the land rises to the sky" (the change of the magnetic poles).

Krasnoyarsk enthusiastic researcher Stepan D. Markov, more than twenty years are going to predict the various peoples of Siberia, the Far East, and Central Asia in 1999 was the chronological order of the prophecies. According to it from 2000 to 2035 on the Eurasian continent, and in the waters around this huge area, there will be at least a thousand natural disasters. Of them will be the most devastating 2010 earthquake, with its epicenter in northern Mongolia, in 2022 — at the southern end of the Kuril chain, in 2030 — in the Philippines. Tremors cause powerful tsunami which struck undergo Taiwan, Sakhalin and Hokkaido. Because of the disaster underground in northern Mongolia to change significantly Sayan terrain and contours of the Lake Baikal.

According to SD Markov, after a slight warming in the early XXI century from about 2010 to 2040 years, we may expect a significant drop in temperature, not only in Eurasia, but also throughout the world. During this period, most likely will come the so-called "Little Ice Age" from the hardest hit areas of south-western Europe and Africa. Temperature cataclysm will reduce human population of 1-1.5 billion.

However, after the 2050 global temperature will rise. But it will not bring long-awaited prosperity. Centuries long drought will lead to mass starvation. Desert area in the world will grow more than four times. Hot and dry period on Earth could be delayed by more than a half century, which will also lead to a significant reduction of humanity. It is only since 2200 changed externally and internally the human race will take a long period of prosperity.

Source: "Secrets of the twentieth century. Gold Series »№ 22 from 2011

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