Six misconceptions about cervical erosion

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According to statistics, one in two women faced with the erosion of the cervix. Relation to the disease is ambiguous: from "okay" to "it's over cancer."

About the most common misconceptions regarding the erosion of the cervix, we talked withgynecologist clinic "Doctor Ozone" Elena Viktorovnoj Andamovoy.

Misconception 1. The cause of erosion — mechanical damage

Erosion of the cervix (ie the defect surface epithelium) is often compared with the wound. Poorly inserted spiral, sophisticated sex and other mechanical damage, of course, can lead to erosion. But this is not anything that can cause disease.

Another cause of erosion — infectious and inflammatory processes. The most simple — to "earn" an infection with STDs. There are quite innocent reason: violation of microflora in the genital tract. Any decrease in immunity — and the inflammatory process caused their own opportunistic organisms with which she previously lived in full collaboration. Such a failure could cause a simple exchange of male and female flora as a result of sexual intercourse, "unknown" flora can be aggressive for a woman's vagina. These are called non-specific inflammation.

Misconception 2. Before the onset of sexual activity cervical erosion is not threatened

Wrong. Erosion can show up and little girls. The reason for its appearance — a violation of the microflora of the vagina (vaginal bacteria overgrowth or dysbiosis). Such violations are called pseudo, but just as true erosion they violate the epithelium lining the cervix and require treatment.

Misconception 3. Erosion of the cervix is asymptomatic

Women often is referred to the erosion of those diseases, the presence of which can be found only in gynecological examinations. It seems to be nothing to be concerned — and suddenly the doctor diagnoses erosion. All this is true only for erosions, which are due to mechanical damage.

However, most of the erosion takes place against the background of an infectious process, and they are characterized by separation of different nature. They can appear after sexual intercourse, with weight lifting, just to be found in the laundry, accompanied by itching, irritation, burning, urination rezyami be yellowish, whitish, muddy mucous or bloody. All this — the symptoms of cervical erosion and requires urgent referral to a doctor.

Misconception 4. Today, erosion, and tomorrow — Oncology

Communication between the erosion of the cervix and cancer truly exists. The fact is that any damage to the neck — a background for possible future changes in cancer tissues. And the key word here — "possible." Launched a chronic inflammatory process may become a background for cancer, especially in the presence of viral infections. The virus is introduced into the cell and can lead to damage at the level of the genome within the cells — to the appearance of atypical formations. This means that the diagnosis of "cervical erosion" is better without delay to see a doctor, and not to be afraid and to write a will. The less running process, the lower the risk of complications.

Misconception 5. Erosion necessarily burn

Indeed, earlier it was the rule: as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb, cauterization. In fact — the removal of tissue damaged by erosion. This is no longer such a radical treatments radically revised. First, they leave scars on the neck of the uterus, for nulliparous women is unacceptable. Secondly, moxibustion — traumatic procedure which, in the absence of an individual approach can cause major harm. And finally, there is now a mass of conservative wound-healing techniques.

Treatment of cervical erosion should be directed at the cause of the disease. It is dangerous and wrong conduct any effect if the infection is healed. Therefore, should first be removed by anti-infection with antibiotic therapy, and only then should act on erosion. Now doctors prefer soft wound-healing therapies and not destructive influences.

Misconception 6. The course of treatment is over — you can sleep peacefully

It was nice to hear, "treatment is over, you are free." But full recovery from erosion can not say no to observe the process for a while. Therefore, a course of treatment and then forget about the disease, alas, will not work.

After the treatment is necessary for some time observed by a doctor.

  • That monitor recovery vaginal flora. The fact that the rapid and successful recovery of the vaginal flora — the key to successful treatment and that further erosion of the healing process can "walk" itself.
  • That stimulate healing erosion early restoration of damaged tissue contribute to the topical application of ozone stimulates cellular tissue effect.

And finally, after the erosion completely cured, need regular (once asix months or a year) checkups by a gynecologist. However, they need all the women, even if they feel perfectly healthy.

Source: Clinic "Doctor Ozone"

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