Small food businesses in the Russian province can survive

Small businesses in the Russian sphere of food, even in regions that can survive without sacrificing product quality. Example — Belokrestsky creamery in the village. SAZONOVA Chagoda Vologda Region.  Externally, the company looks very clumsy, but the product quality is not affected.

Microgeneration using old technologies provides a product that the people of all the surrounding villages and summer guests, at a minimum, weekly visit at the factory shop. Arriving for the oil should be in the morning, as early as 14 hours at any time of the year it is already sold out.

The plant buys more than 40% of milk produced in the area. Additionally buys milk in Ustyuzhenskaya area and Novgorod region. Production facilities are used by an average of 50%. A day plant processes about 12 tons of milk. 45% of products are sold in an area that meets the needs of the population in dairy products. The rest of the products are sold outside the region, mainly in the Leningrad region.
Products creamery in 2011 received the highest all-Russian Awards: 2 gold medals for oil "Country" and oil "Vologda" All-Russian competition.

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