SOHO satellite captured a UFO?




List of unexplained phenomena science day ago may have added another mystery. American research station SOHO, leading continuous observations of the Sun using a range of scientific instruments, transferred to Earth a unique image that is recorded incomprehensible and difficult to explain a phenomenon or object.
Apparently, in this case we are not talking about someone else's mischief — a picture is laid out in a database on the official website of NASA, and lay there for more than a day.

In the image the outer parts of the solar corona, the transmitted set to Wide spectrographic SOHO coronagraph LASCO (Large Area Spectroscopic Coronograph) February 2, 2005 at 18 hours 18 minutes Moscow time, is indeed a strange "smoky" band, vaguely resembling a trail left by the object traversing unknown What nature — but obviously controlled, according to a complex trajectory. For comparison, here is the "normal" image LASCO, obtained 24 minutes later. In the center of the picture is a circle that covers the disk of the sun. Radial rays — shining crown.

On the left: an unidentified object (coronagraph LASCO). Right: The next picture obtained by the same detector 24 minutes later.


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