«Soldier of the Future» presented in Moscow

Concern «Kalashnikov» present promising development of small instruments, including equipment designed specifically for «future soldier» on August 20 days of innovations Defense Ministry, said the official dealer of Lena Filatova
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to demonstrate 15 types of small tools and precision weapons, which concern «Kalashnikov» ready to create paramilitary units. Among them:

— 4 modernization variant AK-74, AK-12 in different calibers, modernized AK-103-3 and the sniper rifle SVDm developed under the ROC «Warrior»;

— special machines — AC-1 in caliber 5,45 x39 mm and AC-2 7,62 x39 mm, designed to order the FSB to perform special operations;

— sniper rifle BC-121 with the scheme «bullpup»;

— precision rifle CB-98 and CB-338M1 (with removable barrel), developed on the basis of duralumin box with the possibility of all optical and night sights;

— small melee weapon — a smoothbore shotgun 18.5 COP-K and submachine gun PP-19 «Vityaz-SN», serially produced for the supply of the Interior Ministry;

— precision projectile «Kitolov-2» and others.

«The main task in the days of the role of innovation — the Ministry of Defense to submit the full range of designs that can be put to the Russian army. Concern «Kalashnikov» very fundamentally expand partnership with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in all directions, and we hope that day will be a platform for innovation development of our cooperation «, — allocated CEO Konstantin concern Busigin
More: http://vpk-news.ru/news/17131

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