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November 24, 2011 12:32

In the state of somatic people are conscious, and can get out of it at will. Image source:

"It's a fantasy" — a phrase can be heard frequently. It strongly breaks the flight of thought. But if you view the works of the first science fiction writers, is not alone: they are 90% of all current developments anticipated! And when comes another "crazy" idea, you should not shy away from it … "- offers an esoteric Belgian magazine" Garden of the Gods. "

In 2004, in the presence of relatives and forensic Itigilova an official exhumation of the body of Hambo Lama (in the world — Itigilova). It was removed from the rock incorruptible, although there had been lying since 1927. This man, in 1911 headed the Russian Buddhist community, anticipating repression ordered all Buddhist monks to leave the Soviet Union immediately, and he resigned from all authority. Lama in front of students took the lotus position and began to read the funeral prayer. The singing of prayers, it gradually fell into a state of deep meditation. In accordance with his instructions, the students wrapped Lama finest silks, put him in a pine box and lowered to a depth of 1.6 m in the rock.

In 2004 alone, the study of body lamas engaged staff of the Russian Centre of Forensic Expertise. Spectral analysis of the hair, nails and pieces of skin have shown that they are no different from the tissues of the living …! Protein composition of the tissues of Hambo Lama meets protein composition of tissue taken from a living man. There have been only a few changes in the phosphate compounds tissues, but their nature, scientists have not understood. All the internal organs are intact Lama, the blood in the wound is in a jelly-like state, the hair is not brittle. According to the two acts of forensic evidence, no trace of embalming the body is not revealed. Does not look like this, and the process of mummification, or tanning. State of lethargy scientists also not excluded. In short, the phenomenon of Hambo Lama does not match anything but fantastic bring him to somatic …

According to the assumptions of some scholars, humanity is on the verge of a global catastrophe — another change of the Earth's poles. As a result of this cataclysm There will be devastating natural disasters. What man would be able to survive kilometer gigantic tsunami, devastating earthquake, the separation of the continents, volcanic eruptions and other "gifts" of nature? But it is quite precisely known, that such megakatastrofy in Earth's history took place already at least 6-9 times, and life on the planet yet revived.

To be precise, even civilization lists 22 (!) Destroyed in the global conflict, and as a result of cosmic cataclysms. But as soon as the earth's climate became favorable for life, humanity once again appeared in the form of a new civilization developed, a high technical level and the newly self-destructing. "Perhaps the first civilization were angelic beings — suggests British almanac unknown« On The Dawn of Seachers »(« At dawn of searching "), — which may freely pass through a dense matter." They had a sort of luminous body height of 40 meters. Their "bodies" were not financially in a physical sense, but consisted of radiant energy. They communicated telepathically with the world and to live in any environment. Gradually they clothed in flesh, and this led to the creation of the Lemurian race — Quadrumana and three-eyed giant eight-meter high with a dense body. Behind them was a civilization of Mu, then monkeys, then Atlanta — binocular and two-armed, up to 3.5 meters tall, but later became less two-meter. By the end of its existence, the Atlanteans created two artificial language — Prakrit and Sanskrit.

Atlanta had a wealth of knowledge, possessed by hypnosis, telepathy, telekinesis, could impact on gravity and develop high technology, including flights. But by the end of their civilization Atlantis began losing spiritual values, to fight each other, fell into corruption, brutality, cruelty, largely predetermined and their death.

Modern people (I mean our Aryan or Vedic civilization), they are also Aryans originated in Atlantis yet, but after the crash which killed Atlantis, most of them wild, become petty and lost almost all ability to "first-born" and gradually they acquired our current appearance. And yet they survived. Where and how could sit our predecessors?

According to the academician Ernst Muldashev, surviving only due to separate Lemurians and Atlanteans, our civilization was gibnuvshaya stimulus to its revival. He says: "Fortunately, home to one category of people who are most likely to survive the hazards of possible bias in the Earth's axis. These people live in the "eternal mainland" and call themselves yogis. Yoga — is born in the depths of our civilization, a new type of man — a man of the future. Only they, the people were astonished, the Himalayas and Tibet, having unsightly appearance, able to mobilize a "divine inner energy." Overcoming naked in a terrible cold mountain, long hunger, many of them are capable of entering into a state of somatic ".

Muldasheva not believe him rudely argue over it trying to poke fun at the media men of science. But ingenious ophthalmologist, world-renowned scientist who has developed more than 70 brand new types of eye operations, the director of the National Center of eye surgery, etc. etc. (8 more titles), is in its hard and finding more and more evidence for their incredible theories.

About somatic already know for a long time — it's self-preservation of the human body at low (+4 ° C) temperature, which should save the human race for the future, postkataklizmennoy life. Dr. Muldashev believes that "they insure us, they nucleation on the occasion of World cataclysm." And it is not lethargy, not suspended animation and, especially elementary freezing, which leads to the formation of tiny ice crystals and destruction of cells. Frozen because people always die. But the state of human somatic means self-preservation through the mobilization of internal energy, which takes the water body in the fourth, so far unknown to science state. It is this amazing water is able to completely stop the metabolic processes in the cells, the body put in the so-called "stone-stationary state", which can be kept thousands and millions of years, and then … come to life! In principle, nothing fancy about it. In nature, there is the phenomenon of hibernation, that is sleep, which is based on the natural phenomenon as somatic. Perhaps this is to some extent may explain the ability of the vast Chukchi bear sleep for 8-9 months a year, and his lair is hardly warm. Certainly, the bear, both in the state of somatic dramatically slows down the metabolism. And obviously, somatipodobnoe condition — there is a way to adapt to the harsh conditions of the North. Moreover, there are examples of hibernation ground squirrels, marmots, snakes, frogs, goldfish and a dozen species of fish, and insects.

But where is the living entity can wait out the cataclysm in which areas of the sea and land are violent "war"? Ernst Muldashev confidently pushes a "perpetual mainland" (the name he bears in esoteric literature.) It is located in Tibet, in the Gobi Desert, "it will gradually go down in a huge one ocean."

It was there, in the depths of the Himalayan and Tibetan cave, according to the dedicated lamas maintained the gene pool of humanity, including representatives samozakonservirovannyh Lemurians, Atlanteans, the Aryans. When elements recede, these people come to life and give a new sprout of humanity. The descendants of these revived and people emerged from caves multiply and then spread from the "eternal mainland" around the globe as the release of water from the other continents. That's what has happened after the Great Flood, killing Atlantis.

Somato at various times called the "superhuman", "Divine Master", "children gods." But which of our contemporaries can reach a state of somatic?

Those scientists who support this theory believe that these people in the first place could be yoga. The famous philosopher Swami Premananda said that yogic powers come to people unexpectedly! "After that, people go to the mountains, settled as a hermit in a cave and begin to do what others can not, constantly coaching and improving their body and spirit." During the expedition Muldasheva few years ago some yoga scientist confirmed that they submit to the will of a "superman" who is sometimes respectfully referred to as "he." With him yoga are in constant telepathic contact, this telepathy for yogis — and a source of contacts and knowledge, and abilities, and a guide to action. Maybe "he" — is the information field of the Earth. It acts selectively chosen and passes the knowledge and special abilities that allow them to perform a huge amount of work to prepare for the salvation of earthly life. Only a select few will hear the signal of the impending disaster and the need to enter a state of somatic. They take it in safe cave, and some of them will take the main sanctuary — Waru.

Of course, one of the "mortals" also survive the catastrophe. But accustomed to the comfort of the people in the absence of electricity, gas and various machines forced degradation. It was then to help humanity and come somatic.

Author: Alexander Yevteyev
"The Secret Doctrine"

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