Sound can be another weapon at sea

Sound can be another weapon at sea
It is understood that the use of sound waves can overcome the gap (the literal translation of the English. Air gap) or, to put it another way, remotely hack electrical devices that do not have access to the network. From such effects could be immobilize the ship control system. In this case, instead of taking up a naval blockade or the introduction of anti-ship missiles the enemy could use harmful sounds.
The term «air gap» in Russian substitute more sustainable and true phrase «physical isolation.» Physical isolation — a measure of network security, which is harmless as a computer network to be on the physical layer network is isolated from dangerous, which include the Web or any local network possessing a low level of security. Physical isolation is used in cases when you need a very high level of security. With all this, this mechanism may not be the «air gap» in the literal sense of the word. For example, using some cryptographic devices that are able to tunnel traffic through the dangerous computer networks, without changing the size of transmitted packets, and without changing the volume of network traffic, you can make the link. Even in this case, the components located at opposite sides of the «air gap» will not be able to communicate together.
Yankees voiced plans for sound effects on vehicle control system can lead to the blocking action of the whole fleet. As the retired captain Mark Hadzherott being deputy director of cybersecurity in the U.S. Naval Academy, all modern ships are, in fact, floating system SCADA. SCADA — total system control and data acquisition, which is able to manage different operations. Possibility of overcoming the «air gap» could threaten the imbalance forces.

The thing is that the sound waves can be converted into electronic signals that are harmful value. It is understood that the specific acoustic signal able to destroy the speaker membrane, disrupt their work, forcing generate an electronic signal, consisting of a specific set of zeros and ones who will be able to reprogram most of the managed computer systems of modern warship.

Institute national security analyst Peter Singer believes that paralyzed the system SCADA, one party gains an advantage, having a very effective non-lethal weapon views for naval warfare. «For example, the president can say,» Do not let the foreign fleet to capture those or other islands, and do not let him unleash a full-scale war. » It would be quite easy to warn the enemy that if he crosses a certain limit, the U.S. simply flipped a switch, then their ships will be able to swim, but become infirm, with all this, no one will die, «- said Peter Singer.
In terms of the impact of such an instrument could be really quite effective. After all, even recognizable US-Israeli virus Stuxnet, which are intended to be managed to cause the failure of the Iranian nuclear applets and led to the failure of the huge number of centrifuges, sought quite close access. Someone ran all the same virus in the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz, trivial stuck virus infected USB flash drive or connect a laptop.
Judge how realistic such an instrument and what are the prospects of its development on the basis of the first Show articles pretty hard. But when you consider that so far does not appear quite effective development of acoustic instruments around which now more legends than actual facts, although the development of similar systems are maintained almost since the First World War, can be tested on this occasion informed oscillation. By now available development of non-lethal weapons include South American acoustic system LRAD — Long Range Acoustic Device (long-range acoustic device). The device really works produced since 2000, but has its shortcomings and, of course, unable to reprogram something. The main object of the impact of such installations — people.
In autumn 2005, off the coast of Somalia, pirates on the high-speed boats surrounded the peaceful cruise liner «Seabourn Spirit». Pirates were absolutely convinced of their own advantages and claimed to have the crew to pull the ladder, but is almost a couple of minutes they had to throw their grenade launchers and machine guns, holding ears from unbearable pain. So for the first time succeeded in real criteria to test the acoustic cannon LRAD, which was available on the liner. LRAD systems refers to non-lethal effects on the creation of which work in the last decade many countries. Often such kind of weapon is also called «humane» because it is designed not to kill people, but only for the duration of disabling or a maximum hurt. Forms of non-lethal effects on humans may include: electric waves, sound, bright light, etc.
The very idea of ​​introduction of sound in the role of guns is not new, it occupied the minds of scientists quite a long time. Virtually all known ancient biblical story, which is responsible for the assault on Jericho, when the Jewish army under the control of Joshua yelled loudly and blow the trumpet — and the walls of Jericho went cracks and collapsed. Someone beheld the magic in this story of the Lord, and someone remembering how against the sonorous sound and a click in the mountains avalanches occur, and in mines and caves collapses, found this scientific explanation. In XX century, some researchers put forward the theory that caving could cause quite a powerful horn particular frequency, which provoked a destructive vibration. Frame concealed secret of this phenomenon in a special device «trumpets of Jericho.» In any case, in the twentieth century, scientists from many countries engaged in projects that, in fact, was a real attempt to build modern «trumpets of Jericho.»
South American long-range acoustic device LRAD — one example of such devices. It was created by American Technology Corporation in 2000. Its main purpose — is to protect ships from pirates, terrorists or militant demonstrators. It can also be used for the acceleration of a street crowd, but more neatly and selectively. Because it is completely harmless sea for the ship’s crew, which established that the sea does not threaten the crew echo. The device uses the power of sound to influence people. LRAD strikes man sufficiently massive sound — 150 decibels, for comparison: the noise of modern jet engines is estimated at 120 decibels.

The entire set of equipment weighs around 20 pounds and is a device 33 inches (83 cm) in diameter, LRAD can exude a sound in the sector of 30 °. At the highest power unit generates 146 dB sound that can harm your hearing rights and is above the threshold of pain for the common man (120-130 dB). With all this force of impact is reduced by distance, at a distance of 300 yards (270 meters), the sound effects decreases to 90dB. Setting the threshold of pain is personal to each person. Specifically on the basis of this parameter, for example, carried a volume limit amplification equipment at rock concerts.
With all this against the use of LRAD device can fully apply countermeasures. Namely use different means of passive hearing protection. These tools may include ear muffs, which are intensively used in the production or in the repair. Their implementation can reduce the sound effects devices to a minimum. In addition, the sound just could affect at least some of the hard surface and are redirected to the source of radiation. Because the device is recommended to use at sea.
This is a big drawback of virtually all modern samples of acoustic instruments, it can also affect those who use it. Samples engineers do narrowly focused sound sources had only short-term success: the criteria tests in the open range it was easy enough, but in the criteria of the modern town of sound waves bounce off different objects, walls and houses vorachivayutsya ago.

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