«SPARROW-M» — unmanned aerial system development HAI

Portable unmanned aerial reconnaissance complex «Sparrow-M» developed in the Institute of PFM Kharkov Aviation Institute.
Multipurpose complex Sparrow-M system for aerial surveillance, reconnaissance and monitoring on the basis of a small UAV.
Portable unmanned aircraft system based on mini-UAV-M Sparrow, makes a wide range of monitoring tasks and exploration, including counterterrorism operations and emergency response, atmospheric monitoring, says the publication «Industrial Ukraine «.
Already have working copies of the aircraft, including its modification with vertical takeoff and landing. Equipped television, infrared and akustichiskoy Apparatus radiation, chemical and photographic reconnaissance.
The main performance characteristics:
length — 600mm
Wingspan — 1050mm
takeoff weight — 2.5kg
cruising speed — 80km / h
flight duration — more than 1.5h
practical ceiling — 3500 m
Engine type electronic
engine power — 350 W

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