Special knowledge of the Cossacks. Magee — Kharakternyky

November 7, 2011 14:16

Cossacks characternikiCossacks characterniki

"Cossack" — a word of Turkish origin, means "free man, lightly armed warrior, wielding special science of warfare."

Until modern times came the name of the science — "Cossack SPAS" and the Cossacks, in perfect stve owning Spasov, called characterniki. The basis of this science were on the one hand — the words, the plot, the prayer, the secret training.

It was believed that characterniki talked straight with God during the fight. On the other hand: the whole life Cossack was a preparation for war, which includes the ability to master riding, all kinds of weapons and the conduct of hostilities. Were relatively common elements such riding, which now can be seen only in the circus. Cossacks could jump over a horse at full gallop, to ride a horse standing in the saddle on his head, crawl under the belly of the horse, etc. Shot Power Cossack saber was that some Cossacks during saber battle to cut the man in half from shoulder to buttocks.

According to legend, they were able to disperse the clouds and cause a storm, turn around in animals and "overflow" into the river, get away from the water and wet from the flames: And they afford it spell wounds and even set foot on the dead!

Characterniki owned and what is now called hypnosis.

In the old days it was called "take your eyes." For example, looking for fun in a tavern, a Cossack could not only pay for a glass of alcohol consumed, but also go with the delivery to the alleged money paid. Cops and sorcerers often called the "galdovnikami" (from Ukrainian "galdovat" — cast) and "zamorochnikami" because they were able to let in people "wraith" (fog and sleep).

"The bullet does not take a Cossack saber and not cut, because he knows the secret science:" — confirmed the uninitiated. Characterniki themselves believed that the magician can become almost a Cossack.

Cossacks were able characterniki much: and treasures to find, and the wounds spell, and the dead at his feet set, and core floors coats to catch on the fly, and go away with it, and in no time be transferred from one region to another steppe.

Kharakternyky of military exploits in the old days known for their attacks on the troops Virus king Darius, who was careless enough to invade our land with his huge army. Five of bare-chested men, standing on horses prorubyvali passes through the narrow ranks of the Persians, unfolded, were cut again and galloped to the steppe and the Persians could not do anything with them. It was one of the techniques of pressure on the enemy, his demoralization.

Also in the tradition of Cossack life is a legend that during the invasion of Genghis Khan in his two Rus vanguard tumens (20 thousand riders) ran between the Volga and the Don on unknown riders who own martial art to perfection and galloping into battle naked to the waist. They could catch on the fly boom or deftly avoid it. These soldiers fought with two swords on his knees, the Cossacks This is called "mill".

These people are not afraid of death. In a fierce battle two Mongol tumens were cut.

Many characterniki owned meditation — mana, hypnosis, could so enchant your enemies, that they lost sight of him in a rage, or exterminating each other, saying that they can draw on the wall of a boat and sail in it, dive into the water and emerge kuhol where- somewhere in the sea, to throw his cloak on the water and on it to cross the river, as if on a raft.

Kharakternyky could feel his "own" a bullet in flight, and avoid it. According to legend, when he was flying a bullet in his neck grew cold at this point.

Cossacks characterniki having supernatural powers, could do incredible things.

For example, the Poles being chased and nowhere to hide, then hide and put characterniki midst of spears around and force of will and spirit are special psychoenergetic state when their intention to become a reality. And the Poles saw the midst of the oak grove … Stop and go back. This is a Man. Such irrational things are not just saved from the enemies of the Cossacks. They say that after such efforts Cossacks to three days at a time to sleep, restoring forces.

In Cossack Kharakternyky always been a horseshoe and a cradle. He knew how to relax and swing muscles with a horseshoe.

In the cradle Cossacks smoked herbs. For example, Artemisia helped calm the nerves, improve visual acuity. When the dew fell out, the Cossacks were in the meadows, where the grass grew.

Treated "water-zaliznitsey": take rusty iron, heats it in the fire and lowered into the water. So get the water that they drank from anemia. To prepare the copper in boiling water thrown copper filings, insisted until the water cools. This infusion gave the Cossacks who are released from prison.

Treatment of stones used, they insisted grass. And used this recipe: vodka mixed with the powder and treated wounds. It was believed that the soul of the murdered will haunt Cossack and take away his fortune. To heal the wounded, it had to be freed from the dead souls. Otherwise Cossack could not recover. In Cossack Kharakternyky medicine widely used treatment for the land. Earth wrapped in cobwebs, and it instantly stops the bleeding. However, this treatment had their secrets.

Slavonic land anciently famous for the witch doctors and sorcerers.

And how could it be otherwise? People have lived in love and harmony with nature, and it left a definite imprint on them. Every blade of grass in the old days would serve for the good of man, and man is nature.

It is now forgotten, the names of herbs, and the names of the ancient gods, and wizards are considered servants of the devil. Previously, a medicine man, he's a wizard, was a man respected for his wisdom. And if nature took care of that voodoo skills are not lost.

Best of the best

By the time when Christianity came to Dnipro River, Slavs valued not so much wisdom as the skill of archery yes possession sword. And sorcery witchcraft became an art, alien new religion.

In hard times, when the enemies of the Slavic lands came, young and old to take up arms, the whole world defended their homeland. Did not stand aside and sorcerers, mastered the art of war. They were talented people, so the men of voodoo clans proved the best of the best in the princely warriors.
But not only fought healers. Nature has managed another, and near the enemy for a long voyage to learn. But the medicine man could not, even with a sword in his hand, and hatred for the enemy of their land not to seek new knowledge! He's the mother's milk begins to absorb the thirst of knowledge of the world.

Long journey — great knowledge

It was not long before the Baptism of Russia. Then people who have special knowledge, at a premium and the people, and the princes were. And one of the best soldiers of Prince Igor, Dubezhich, having received permission from his master, went to travel to Asia. After all, in Russia, have heard a lot about Asian wisdom about great there the knowledge, and get them to except that bit by bit.

For many years, traveling Dubezhich. After going to India, China, reached the Himalayas and understood at last that he had found what he sought. Much wisdom had Dubezhicha, but even more because he knew the Himalayan elders. Amazing skill drove home traveler, and the most amazing of which we now call levitation, teleportation, or being in a state of suspended animation, telepathy … Over time, opened the wisdom Dubezhich his sons. After the baptism of Russia are very few of those who "nebogougodnymi" wanted things to do. And it was the soldiers' sorcerers quite a bit. They served faithfully, but officials did not rank high begged, and they do not need a wise man who loves his fatherland not for the Order.

And all the world marveled Europe …

Thresholds for the Dnieper Cossacks settled with all of Russia on a free life going, also arrives and those who were driven from their native land, sorcerers abused. They too became Cossacks. Cossacks were called such Kharakternyky. Why is that? Many historians argue about it. And the Japanese roots of the word are looking for and try to translate the Sanskrit and Greek …

The word "character" of the Greek, it means "a set of persistent mental properties of a person, his personal characteristics, which is manifested in behavior, actions." In general, a suitable definition. Cossack Kharakternyky figure was unusual even in that army, as the Cossacks.

Cossacks were warriors at all nice. And as a life lived in a free, even in foreign countries they wish to go where they were hired to serve the European monarchs. And the whole of Europe was amazed valor and sacred knowledge of our ancestors.

They neither sword nor bullet did not take

Wrote the author of "War Stories Cossacks against Poland", Pierre Chevalier, describing a great battle Kharakternyky during the "meat grinder" of Beresteczko: "There was one who fought for three hours against the entire Polish army, he found the boat on the muddy lakes in it and hiding behind its board, survived the shooting Poles spent all his gunpowder, he then took a sharp scythe, which beat all those who wanted to grab him. The King admired the fearlessness of the man and ordered to shout that gives him life, if he would surrender, and on this last proudly replied that they no longer care about how to live, but only wants to die like a soldier. "

And our researchers distinctive Slavic culture do not remain on the sidelines.

Dmitry Yavornytsky known historian and anthropologist, wrote: "Among the Cossacks have always been called characterniki, which neither water, nor sword, nor the usual bullet, except silver, did not take. They could unlock the locks without keys, swim in the boat on the ground, both in the ocean waves, cross the river on the matting, take your bare hands glowing nucleus seen for several miles around, live in the river, climb up and get out of the firmly tied or sewn bags, turn people into the bushes, the riders — in birds, climb to the usual bucket and float in the water there are hundreds and thousands of miles away. " All these skills are caused not only respect, but also superstitious fear other Cossacks before Kharakternyky.

I must say that characterniki who managed not to fall on the battlefield and live to gray hair, went to the monastery, where they remained in the days of the earth to atone for their sins.

Ivan Sirko

Kharakternyky often buried face down, as a witch, and then killed him in the chest with a stake. One of these graves Cossack Kharakternyky was discovered in 1936 near the village of Arkhangelsk (Yasinovatskiy Donetsk region). Cossack was in an oak coffin, downed without a single nail. Archaeologists open sepulcher, they saw a human skeleton in red trousers and blue County tied with a green belt. He was lying face down, and his belt had carafe of vodka, sealed with wax.

Perhaps the most famous was harakternyk Cossacks Ataman Ivan Sirko. Today it would be called a charismatic personality. Many people know about the famous letter to the Cossacks to Sultan. Who do you think you signed it? Ivan Sirko! Even in the Thirty Years' War had to participate for the French — the fortress of Dunkirk took. General and warrior bully was Sirko. And carousing well could, and to make war worse. Benefit pagan characterniki were not burdened with God's commandments. And the fact that Ivan Sirko a battle not lost, and does the person making it even more amazing.

The brothers-in-arms was considered a werewolf Sirko, the Turks called him Urus-Shaitan — Russian Devil, then, and still — Semigolovy Dragon.

Right hand Ataman

Cossacks said Sirko equal in all the world no. It was said that when he substituted his hand under the sword blow on it was only a trace of blue. Sirko was able to direct the enemy sleep, often by turning white greyhound.
Sirko won not only the people, but evil spirits. Chertomlyk river is so named because it killed Sirko feature: the only "mliknul" (flashed) feet when Sirko shot him with pistoles.

Was stormy life of Ivan Sirko and the other world. The great warrior Kharakternyky continued even after the death defeat the enemy! He bequeathed to the Cossacks, when he dies, cut off his right hand and walk with her in the campaigns. Cossack chieftain and covenant fulfilled by meeting with the enemy, puts forward his hand, saying, "The soul and the hand Sirkasnami». Cossacks faith: where the hand of their leader — there and good luck. Cossacks so long feared and Turks, and Poles. Kosh hand buried after the collapse of Zaporizhzhya Sich …

Elixir of Wisdom

And among the modern Cossacks, it turns out there characterniki. True, they do not turn into wolves. But are able to spell the wounds to heal many ailments, preparing medicinal tinctures.

They firmly believe that the ancient spiritual knowledge can enrich all current Cossacks. Meanwhile characterniki collect grass for the miraculous balm, which, they say, has a positive effect on the minds of the Cossacks. And we are ready to share their wisdom elixir not only with the Cossacks, and all those who so desire.


Institute of Man, characterniki XXI century

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