Stop Petrol-2 in Brest

About three dozen cars took part in the "Stop Petrol" in Brest. The action took place on a modified route, motorcade drove through the city.

At the declared place of gathering in the square at the "Brest Fortress", except for motorists who attended a large number of security forces. At 17:30 on the gathering place of protesters came KGB and riot. Protesters warned that the event should not be a mass action that is not allowed.

Ales Wrestler, the organizer of the campaign: "It seems to me that if the action was on April 14, the participants would have been much more. We warned the police colonel that the action can not be a massive undertaking. But it was originally planned as a social event. We thus showed their protest voiced that we do not milk cows. Enough to pull out of our pockets our money. "

We have thus shown their protest. Enough to pull out of our pockets our money.

The majority of those present at the action, which included the movement of the column through the city at a speed of about 30 kilyametrav an hour, and the acquisition by the filling station "Belneftekhim" minimum amount of fuel to pay small bills, I learned about the event from the Internet. They say the protesters:

— I found on the internet about the campaign, joined because I'm against raising fuel prices. As the action takes place in many cities, it seems to me that the government should pay attention and take some action.

— I saw an ad about the campaign on the internet and joined her. It is possible that action will give some results and the price of fuel will be reduced. I hope that the event will attract the attention of not only government officials but also ordinary citizens. People will not put up with the situation that is developing in our country.

The action took place without detention. Road users welcomed the column signals, said one of the organizers of the event Dmitry Shurhay:

"Some even took while driving through the windows of our stickers, and joined the action. People are paying attention. Suspended, joined us. Though all the time we were accompanied by traffic police cars and the KGB, were videotaped. "

The organizers believe that this is not the last such event in Brest.

At the gas station were paid in small bills.

At a gas station can be purchased at least two liters of fuel.

Participants of the rally took the whole dressing.



Organizers of the rally.


the price of fuel, transportation

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