Stories archaeologists found the key to happiness or get Curse of the Tombs

February 20, 2012 18:14

Edward Kravchenko with wealth, found recently in the archaeological complex Sidorovskaya

The street lyutuyut frosts, and our archaeologists mentally already in the summer expeditions. Ever, a few months which provide food for thought for the rest of the year, and sometimes decades. Hollywood has accustomed us to the fact that the profession of archaeologist — is entirely your romance, treasure and meet with the other. Enough to remember Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, the heroes of the trilogy "The Mummy." In fact, experts say, leading excavations in the region for the second century, it is — hard work, the fruits of which are not piles of gold, and the shards and bones. However, savvy person, they can tell you very much and become the most valuable treasure. And the inexplicable — well where do without him?

The excavation can not spit

Senior Research Fellow, Department of the Donetsk regional archeological museum Edward Kravchenko in the first expedition was in 1975. How many of them were from that time — and do not count.

— Certain superstitions, of course, is, — he says. — For example, you can not spit in the excavation. This is how to do the same in the well … There are still so-called happy shovels. Well, that "rushing" to those who they work — and that's it! They were even labeled with paint, taking always the same. Hack do not, and then to turn out bloody blisters.

According to Edward Tamm, when the expedition comes to a new monument, a cemetery, a settlement, a lot depends on luck. There are areas where there is no material or small, and there is a very interesting, where there is a layering of one to another. Sometimes he goes to meet the monument is revealed. For example, as it was on Sidorovskaya archaeological complex (Slavic district), where in 1996, found a Muslim cemetery.

— These were Muslims ninth and tenth centuries, the material is paramount to study the propagation of religion among the peoples of Eastern Europe — says Kravchenko. — We opened a small area, to determine the dating of the burials. The following year, excavations continued. The cemetery was located on a steep slope, that is crossed by a series of dirt roads. Workload have no idea. And then one day poured rain. This what I have in previous years of excavation have not seen. He has washed away about 150 graves, discovered something we did not even know. On the one hand, came to help us, otherwise we dealt with the size of the repository would be more than one season. On the other — has driven us to the tail and mane, as the expedition had to be extended in September to cope with everything. Perhaps, one of the initially affected our graves are someone like a priest. There is a sign: if razroesh tomb of priest, be sure to rain incredible strength.

Another interesting legend told junior researcher at the Department of archeological museum Vitaly spin:

— At the very Sidorovskaya complex, economic pit, we found a few keys. Ordinary, with beards, most likely, from small locks, which hung on the caskets. This is a very good sign, indicating that the site is ready to open up new mysteries.

And so it happened. It soon turned out that archaeologists have to deal with a huge mound, which, presumably, had been the basis of Muslim mercenaries.

— Scarce and local superstitions — says Kravchenko. — For example, there were rumors that far from where we dug, before going to the witch. Poshabashit. Even named a specific point — McCarthy. Is there a trough, so one of the hills next to her and allegedly served there the Bald Mountain.

The curse of the pharaoh and the second life of the dead

Lead researcher of the same department of the museum, Ph.D. Yuri Polidovich in archeology for more than thirty years. Says that people in his profession face every devilry, not more than the others.

— The human mind is trying to find something unusual in a normal situation, because it's not boring to live. And tightens under some theory or that cases that pulls out from the picture. Hollywood also helps — smiling Yuri Bogdanovich. — One part of the forest as a house mother, others — like an alien world. There is the same situation. We work on the mound — something common. And for someone — a fairy tale. If you go, hoping that something wonderful will happen, it did happen. Even in imagination. Every detail will be taken as a particular sign.

Yuri Polidovich during excavations of burial mounds near the village on the border Poltavka Dobropolskaya and Constantine area

When asked about the famous curse that supposedly will punish all those who had been involved in the disclosure of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings (this year marks 90 years since the British Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon entered into it, found numerous ornaments and decorated with turquoise sarcophagus weighing 110 kg of pure gold with the mummified body of the pharaoh), the scientist replied:

— The main sponsor, Lord, did die shortly after descending into the tomb. But talk about a curse hardly worth it. Yes, he was not much, just 56. But the grave has brought not mysticism, and pneumonia. Newsboys trumpeted the 22 "victims of revenge of the pharaoh," whereas in fact most members of the expedition reached the advanced age, and the average length of survival was 74.4 years. If it comes to that, we first had to die Carter. However, he left in 1939 at the age of 66 years.

There is a specialist and a rebuke to the most frequently asked questions about the legality of the excavation of the same repositories. Gozhe whether disturb the dead?

— We do it, respect the people who dig out. The more we do so not for personal gain, but for scientific purposes — explains Polidovich. — They seem to take on a new life, get a name — from the numbers or harmonious. As obitatelnitsaTolstoy graves in the Dnipropetrovsk region, where in 1971, was found the famous pectoral (golden pectoral). It also found the burial of a woman and child (now a monolith with them is in the Kiev Museum of Historical Treasures). Archaeologist Boris Mozolevski going down at night in this excavation, saw the light of a star some incredible way made it to the tomb. And a woman named Zarina.

Korystolyubtsev overtakes car

Beach man of science — "black archeologists" cruelly disfiguring mounds that damage in pursuit of the precious exhibits of historical values. This kind of diggers lived in earlier times. And they are always overtaken by the car. Here, for example, a terrifying legend recorded by ethnographers in the Greek village of Old Balaclava (Telmanovsky district).

There were many in the area of mounds that are periodically looted, including local. People understand that you can not do that to disturb the grave — a great evil. Still going at it like playing with fate. There was even a custom of the general gathering once a year by the most needy man, who was given "good" for the night digging. And somehow fell "happiness" is another candidate, who had a wife and young child, and somehow not Talanov. Starting excavation should pour the flour around the mound or sand. As a rule, there appeared paw prints of animals or poultry. They are something and I had to sacrifice to come good luck, and Barrow shared treasures. Pritrusil "rookie" flour, looks after a while — and then prints human legs. Clearly not the smaller ones. This was repeated several times, and he did not react, still digging and thinking that since the villagers joke. Finally, he came across the treasure — a lot of silverware. Happy with the treasure he hastened home, and then — dead wife and son.

Rector of St. Panteleymo-ray temple city of Seversk (Artyomovsk district) Father Alexander, who was so fascinated by archeology, which has been in four expeditions and even got in the Donetsk National University, a Master of History, PhD, says that "black archeologists" retribution catches not only in legends.

Father Alexander, "The earth can not please select gifts or health. It all depends on what purpose you disturb her "

— If a person is doing this with an open mind, wanting to be useful to science, and not his own purse, the earth shows itself, where what values are. And if all the thoughts exclusively on commerce, the land and the most interesting pripryachet, and health will take. And then life — says Father Alexander.

He says he often witnessed how after the attack "black archeologists" find amazing things. In the same Liman forest where diggers, traders seem all shoveled up and down, waiting for the men of science a lot of pleasant surprises. Bayonet and a half away — and comes across a stone ax, the flint tools, the arrowheads, the bronze pieces.

— And gold items found — continues Father Alexander. — Such a thing should immediately show the other members of the expedition. It happened because of someone's selfish thoughts pocket yourself something took away valuable land back. It seems to have just seen — and was gone.

Father knows one archaeologist who liked things took possession of the old graves. Now he is crazy …

— Sometimes people come to repentance, even decades later. One said that twenty years ago during excavations in Kerch utyanula silver chain. And all these years was suffering, knowing how he was wrong — says Father Alexander. — Bring me and asked: "Take, my dear, to the museum. I myself can not — "toad" crushes. " I took him this thing, absolved. Carried. I hope now it will be easier …
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