Strange object near the New Mexico

February 27, 2012 23:38

Video with high-tech facilities producing land in the vicinity of New Mexico (USA) just blew up the internet. Many see him as a very clever fake. But many of those who believe — these surveys are genuine.

In the video, a huge disc-shaped object is reduced and can land right next to the eye-witnesses. Video was uploaded to YouTube Hannardom Stephen (Stephen Hannard) of the British activist group studying UFOs.

In comments to the video, Stephen notes that might have to shoot a real UFO visit to New Mexico, but it offers people to understand themselves, as also not 100% sure of the authenticity of the roller.

But the main claim commentators to videos is that the terrain is not too similar to the wasteland of New Mexico and it is rather something from the north of Europe. Cars in video also increasingly European and none of them are typical of large American cars. One of the commentators believe that the road signs identified in the video area in the UK, although the traffic on the highway right-hand, left-hand and not in the UK.

There are opinions that the device exists and is an unmanned aircraft with vertical take-off, probably a prototype that passes the test. And can not be unmanned …

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