Stretching — not torture, and security measures?

The "Freedom in prison," is addressed to those who are in captivity, as well as the families and friends of these people. Now the Belarusian prisons are about 47 thousand people.


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35-year-old inmate Andrew, which is contained in one of the Belarusian colonies, in his letter says:
"I am ready to confirm the facts of torture during my stay in prison Zhodinskaya as a prisoner in 2008.
During one of the rounds command of one of the suspects was not clean-shaven. When asked why, explained that he had no razor. For it all in the camera brought out into the corridor and put on the stretch.
We were accused that we do not share personal items with others. Standing on rastsyazhtsy face to the wall, I tried to explain that it is a matter of personal hygiene and use it when I have to. Moreover, I do not know what can hurt a stranger to me cellmate. For that, I got a strong kick in the ribs and fell to the floor. This fact can be confirmed by those who were with me at that time in the chamber, whose name will show on the facts of an action for torture Zhodinskaya in prison. "
This and many other similar letters, as noted by the authors, written under the influence of the application of ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich regarding torture during his time in the KGB detention center and to "Volodarka."
Let me remind you that the Prosecutor General's Office dismissed the charges of Belarusian politics. As stated at the press conference, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrew Swede, All statements and arguments of the policy have not been confirmed by the KGB detention center, as well as by fellow inmates Michalevic who were also questioned in connection with this.
But the view of the former facility director Valadarski Street — Oleg ALKAYEVA, now living in Germany.
He notes that the actions of the prison, applied to the ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich, torture can not be considered:
"It used Michalevic stretching, handcuffed, then it only regime requirements prescribed by law. And it is used against thousands. Yeah, technically it can be done in different ways. Individual or group output for the search. This is for security purposes. And U.S. and Russia, and Belarus.
This is usually the prisoners are silent. But Michalevic considered it torture. Do you think there is no supervision? There, the prosecutor's office still looks like walks yes. "
25-year-old resident of Brest Inna Mikolajczyk, which is currently being held under house arrest, is other than Mr. Alcala, opinion on the alert checks prosecutors:
"When I was in solitary confinement jail, I was taken out in the cold in summer clothes without shoes. This required that I voiced recognition. In the cold kept me for 50 minutes. Total in prison I stayed 10 months. I aggravated the disease. However, medical I almost do not care rendered. I requested a piece of paper to write the complaint, but no one gave me. "
Brest will argue before the Supreme Court the facts of bullying in prison
Now under house arrest, a young woman prepares documents in the Supreme Court. In contrast to the Belarusian political prisoners missiles and Vladimir Neklyaeva that formally have the same treatment, Inna allowed at certain hours to leave the house, but from the 19th to the sixth hour it should be in the house, which at any point in this interval can visit the district.
Yining story began last year with the fact that in Terespol she purchased a car from a private carrier, as residents of the city of Yuri Stroganov. After a while countryman contacted the girl and offered to sell the car on good terms, promising a gain of 1.5 thousand euro. Inna agreed and gave the dealer the documents and the keys to the car.
If in the near future she called to ask how the trade, owner-driver said he did not understand what she wants. Ina went to the police with a statement. But law enforcement officers arrested her and she was charged with false information and fraud. Leninsky district court of Brest sentenced her to four years in prison. The Regional Court, which took place two months later, also considered the Innu guilty of a crime preventive measure has been changed. Nevertheless, some bullying and violations taken against the girls, the judges were still recognized. The perpetrators punished, but the car Ina and have not returned.
Recalls Ina Mikolajczyk, within 10 months in prison as a prisoner demanded of her guilty plea. According to her, the real torture made her complaints to the higher authorities did not reach:
"Appeal, which I sent to the Council of Ministers and in health, have been broken off right before my eyes crowns Stephen S., is deputy chief of the educational work of the detention center of Brest. To protest against this attitude I went on hunger strike. During the four days I did not use food and water. But they put me in solitary confinement. Administration take me to the cold, demanded that I stop the hunger strike. talks to me in a rude manner and demanded that I stop the hunger strike. I asked a sheet of paper to write the complaint, but I'm no one was published . "
About the conditions in prison Ina says separately:
"In the beginning I was placed in solitary confinement, where I stayed 26 days. Later I was placed on seven days in solitary confinement. Several times was such that I was not allowed to attend a shower. Such torture is delayed by a few weeks., In turn, is influenced by development of skin diseases. medical I almost did not provide. When I was in solitary confinement, I was taken out in the cold in summer clothes without shoes. This required that I voiced recognition. In the cold kept me for 50 minutes. "
However, the court still recognized some actions of the detention facility, applied to the girl illegal. The prison authorities had to punish the guilty:
"I was forced to use drugs that were not prescribed to me. This is a medication" karbamazepin. "This is a psychotropic drug. Take them very carefully. After all, a person with a weak heart from this drug can lead to death. Later it turned out that in my camera used to be a woman who has applied the medicine, I wrote out their mistake.
In addition, I found my meal worms, small glass. Moreover, the administration was aware of the fact that I have a stomach ulcer. From such a meal, I could have died. My sukamernitsy seen such a mockery. We write collective complaints, but they did not go beyond the prison walls. "
Together with the lawyer Ina wrote an appeal to the Supreme Court. She hopes to return to his property. According to her, the case must be considered in its favor. After all, someone has to own a car, which legally belongs to her. Damage to anybody, except those girls had not occurred.

Belarusian prison. History and the Present

Today, continuing the story of the Vilna Lukishki, where at various times have visited many of the Belarusian national figures, and close to where the eponymous square March 22, 1864 was hanged by the head of the anti-Russian uprising in the liberation of Belarus Kastus Kalinowski and 20 rebels.
Today those events reminds installed in an area of 1920 granite slab, as well as 6-iron on the wooden benches and supports 10 decorative lanterns made of red gra
nite and cast iron.

In Lukishki sat born in Belarus Nobel laureates
The area is Lukishak 38,000 square meters. In the complex — a prison, remand center, the church of St.. Nicholas with five domes and a mural on the facade, a Catholic chapel, administrative offices for the head with the flat prison bakery, bath, kitchen, laundry and other outbuildings for brickwork.
The prison did not change his appearance and was used for its intended purpose by all the authorities that have changed each other in Vilnius. The entire prison complex protected by the state as a historical monument of the 20th century.
Next to Lukishki area there is already one museum on the site of the former prison. It is the only such museum in the former Soviet Union — Museum of the Holocaust. It is housed in a former Russian royal Palace of Justice, where then were NKVD defenzyva, the Gestapo and the KGB. You can see the dungeon, torture chamber and rooms where interrogations took place, the camera shooting, lock-up — the pool, where he was tortured with ice water.
With Lukishak will also be a unique museum. It will be possible to study not only Belarus, but the history of the world of culture and science. Prisoners were Lukishak and world-renowned scientist, designer of American rocketry Boris Kit, and former Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin, Nobel laureate, and other famous people.
Thousands of euros for rats
Now in custody, prison Lukishki — about a thousand prisoners. Among them, about a hundred convicts to life imprisonment. Sit here and citizens of other countries.
The authorities persistently reminded that Lukishki consist of two different institutions — the prison and jail. In Lukishki prison serving sentences and women.
During the past year through Lukishki passed more than 23 thousand people, and in an average month in jail in 1018 were prisoners (according to the standards, they should not be more than 954). Nearby runs the Supreme Court of Lithuania. It is said that in Soviet times, court and prison Lukishki connected the tunnel. The prison is located a few hundred meters from the Lithuanian parliament, next to her — a school and a kindergarten.
It is believed that virtually no escape Lukishak. Since 1991, there was only one case of the prisoner escape. And at the end of last year, managed to escape another prisoner Lukishki-defendant. However, not Lukishak of themselves, and when he was taken in one of the capital's police stations. However, the fugitive was arrested in the same day.
Authorities urged residents that prison does not create a hazard to the residents of neighborhoods.
"Prison — a budget establishment and it's not something terrible. On average, during the last years of the institutions of deprivation happen one escape per year. Well, that was a convict escapes from the Orphanage in Kibartai (fugitive found after three months) was one case of escape from an institution for juveniles, "- said the representative of the Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania Antanas Lavrynenas.
Looks like that now with the Lukishki prison inmates do not run and go the other way — provide a prison to court. Lukishki visiting presidents and royals, the prison is involved in international projects and gives inmates the opportunity to pursue higher education, but the prisoners complain about the conditions of the international bodies and win the case.
One of such cases in the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights in 2008, won the Belarusian, received compensation in the amount of 5,000 euros.
Valery Savenkov spent several years in two Lithuanian prisons. To draw attention to discrimination — in the opinion of the activists — his Belarusian organization, the Union of Belarusian youth Vilenschina, Valerie held in 1996, this "action": from the Vilnius City Hall was stolen valuable for Lithuanian patriots flag, and reported by the media. As a result — the conclusion of a 2-year, and the famous Lukishki colony in the province, and after the second sentence and the case to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights. It was won on two counts: it was recognized that there is a cruel, inhumane treatment and torture of detainees, and also — intrusion into the private lives of prisoners. Now Valery, the head of the youth public organizations engaged in human rights activities.
Recently, at the end of March, in Lithuania started hearing complaints Lukishak ex-prisoner, a Polish citizen Mariusz Tseletskaga, who stated that the cells were Lukishak worms and rats, and demanded 500,000 litas (about 150,000 euros) compensation for moral damage. The Vilnius District Administrative Court dismissed the complaint, but the Lithuanian Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the complaint has to be considered again.

Prison Health

According to official data of the Belarusian Interior Ministry, currently in prisons and detention centers in Belarus on 47 000 prisoners have around 1,170 patients with active tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis — the main problem of prisoners
In recent times, when fluoroscopy in prisons has become indispensable, it became clear that TB affects not only prisoners but also prison staff. It is estimated that, compared with the situation at large scale of this disease in the detention centers and prisons in 7-8 times higher. The problem is complicated by the fact that Belarus, according to the classification of the World Health Organization, one of the countries where TB infection is multyrezystentny character, that is not a stable one, and to several drugs.
As the experts from the Institute of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis, such stability is conducive enough to the rapid spread of tuberculosis — a diagnosis is made annually to 5 thousand Belarusians. To improve the epidemiological situation, the need for new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.
According to the candidate of medical sciences Vladimir, the main institution in Belarus to combat tuberculosis, where he works under the Ministry of Health and serves patients at large. Convicts are treated in Orsha, in a special hospital in the Department of Corrections (DIN). The staff of these two institutions do not interact. Vladimir says:

"I do not know those statistics. Course of tuberculosis in prisons than in the general population. But this worldwide trend. Known that in closed prisons infection easier to pick up, as people in crowded, damp cells with poor air circulation. But there, as opposed to the will, mandatory fluoroscopy. When a person has a cough or fever, it is fixed. the wild main problem is that people can not take the pills, you need to take a long course. And everything under control. believe that where the results of treatment, when TB was first identified, should be good. "
Prisoner one of the Belarusian Andrei colonies, however, did not share the optimism of the will with the doctor. Andrew told the editorial board of the recent case of his friend Oleg barman, who picked up the tubercle bacillus. Oleg problems complicated by the fact that he also has HIV:

"Here we have a squad that contains tuberculosis. This is called — the third degree accounting, or healed form. All such patients convicted accounting degree is defined in the penal colony (EC) № 12 in Orsha, or in a prison TB hospital. And if these infectious foci zalechvayutstsa, these people converted to a regular colony in the squad. recently in this particular squad, on the grounds that there are no patients, these patients are cured, began to distribute other people.'s not so long ago, we came to this man
, himself HIV-positive. Its just distributed at the party. He had no doubt that not all patients with healed tuberculosis, and for him immunity from any infection it is dangerous. man for five months trying to transfer to another unit. It complained of malaise and thinner on the eyes. However, the other day we came to a special x-ray machine. entire colony were run through it. And he found these pockets, now he is in the infirmary, medical prison. While the machine has not arrived, no one was listening. now in custody this patient waiting tion in the IR-12 in Orsha. "
According to the prisoners, IC number 12 or the National Tuberculosis Hospital fiberboard — in fact, the same prison, but with hospital wards and intensive medchastkay. Statistics on deaths in the facility is closed. According to unofficial data, the monthly die here at least two or three. As a rule, those who, besides tuberculosis, there is some other serious disease.
The high risk of catching an infection and doctors have. It is assumed that they have the disease may occur especially difficult. Physicians day breathe drug pairs, resulting tubercle bacillus, hitting them in the body, it becomes nevspryimlivay to the number of even the most powerful drugs.
The spread of this form of the disease adversely affects the epidemiological situation in the country.
Visitor to our site Orshanets Yuri Kanyshka left the following comment:
"Belarus has long exceeded the epidemic threshold for tuberculosis, and in Orsha 10-13 years ago, the people came out to protest because of the spread of tuberculosis in the city, because the sewage Sewage prison hospital is difficult to remove, and is directly connected with the city, and it dramatically increases the epidemic threshold of tuberculosis in the city and even further.
Once upon a time the UN allocated $ 7 million for prevention of tuberculosis in Belarus — it was about 8 years ago — but for some reason refused to Lukashenko.
For example, in the prison itself does not provide hot water for the shower. Maybe artificially destroy these prisoners, I have a suspicion, not only prisoners … On this issue, two or three years ago, the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". One prisoner wrote to the will of that in the TB hospital does not provide hot water …
Now I have an apartment in hot water 32-35 degrees, and you can wait for the authorities to jail? .. These are the problems of the people, and output the square in Minsk, and more. They are ready to rot not only prisoners, but also all kinds of people — honest and decent, talented and deeply educated, kind and beautiful soul, political dissent. "

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