Strike tourism on terrorism

In the near future all the more often in the Russian and foreign press began to raise an issue that the terrorism in the Caucasus can be overcome through the development of tourist infrastructure. This is also expressed by the President of the Russian Federation shortly before his own departure for the economic forum in Davos. The project to build ski resorts in the Caucasus in the future will help us to eliminate poverty and terrorism in the region, said Dmitry Medvedev. Only in the Caucasus should be built 5 modern ski resorts. Two of them are located in the most troubled regions: Dagestan and North Ossetia.

According to the plans by 2014 on the terrain of the North Caucasus Federal neighborhood should be built five ski resorts with investments of $ 450 billion, of which 60 will be allocated from the budgets of all levels. This amount is fully comparable with the cost of the Sochi Olympics. Recreation facilities will be build at 5 points: Elbrus (Kabardino-Balkaria) will be built here is the highest Ski center in the world at an altitude of 4164 meters, Lago-Naki (Adygea), Arhiz (Karachay-Cherkessia), Mamison (North Ossetia) and Matlas (Dagestan). At the current time working skiing opportunities exist only in the Elbrus region. In Arhyz strategic investor of the project is a group of companies "Ekaterinburg" full is an active construction. Construction of the complex started in the area of Dagestan local investor. "Mamison" the biggest of the 5 projects (50 million tourist accommodation, 300 km. Trails) is under construction engineering infrastructure, the main investor of the project is likely another camp Ural metallurgical company "UMMC".

The total capacity of all the resorts will reach 104.5 thousand tourists per day, and the total length of the trails around 803 km — is significantly more than the length of the tracks in the middle of the popular on Russian ski resort in the Austrian Zillertal region. The implementation of this does not exclude the applets and reconstruction of the existing resort facilities, not just skiing. At present tourism development programm there is in all the republics of the North Caucasus.

The only the problem that is isolated specialists — is the problem of security. After building these facilities is planned in the most insecure areas of the country that is constantly flickering from the news, describing the terrorist attacks of various separatist organizations. But in this case, investors are hoping that with the appropriate level of infrastructure and promoting the right product on the market, the problem of security in the holiday region falling by the second plan.

Strike tourism on terrorism

In the history of the world tourism industry there is cases that confirm this. Since tourism has flourished in a rather insecure regions of Israel, Egypt and Turkey. An example is the past and the football World Cup in South Africa. Many who went look at football, hardly thought that this is one of the more criminalized states in the world. In world practice, there are examples of Corsica, Sicily and Calabria, where tourism was one of the means of national reconciliation. Travel to the Caucasus — it is an opportunity to get a great high-tech branch, sverhtehnologichny labor. In such activities will now be involved more people than in any industrial area. This will contribute to the growth of living standards in the region and will provide about 160,000 new jobs in the region, which usually struggling with unemployment.

To believe that this project will be enticed tourists will be able to make a profit, you can. At the current time, the tourism market in Russia and quite uniform: "fixated" on a beach vacation. Opening on the terrain of modern ski resorts in the country, are not inferior to foreign service, with lower prices will find their own "niche" of the consumer. Given that Russian Travelling has never distinguished by a special cowardice, tourists in the resorts are, and will be a rest — will and resources. So Russian tourists are not only not going to leave shrouded mass popular unrest Egypt, and continued to fly into the country, even after the official warning Russian Foreign Ministry. Of the more close to us examples highlight Abkhazia, which is also the last years was not registered the most harmless region for recreation, but the influx of Russian tourists to the country was constant. With the assistance of foreign tourists will come, of course, more difficult, but it is task of the country, rather than investors. Here, almost all will decide how the country will hold the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

Solve the problem of terrorism in the construction of the resort areas of the region will only partially. Most likely, the Caucasus will really blow less often, not like at the moment, once a week. But the fact he and terrorism — silly and mercilessly, metropolitan subway ski resorts are unlikely to protect. At the current time the problem goes into the more ideological. Unacceptability affects the mentality of 2-completely different cultures, the Caucasus there is people, who did not wish to be integrated into Russian society. Specifically, it explains that among the terrorists from time to time are not poor at all, and often well-educated people. But the ideological are always in the minority, because undermine the basis for the terrorist underground resorts fail.

Although any person who there is job prospects and even more difficult to persuade some obscure ideology. He already has the support and some goals in life, because in order to tear it down with a "cushy" and send it to run in the mountains, spend the night in the forest must be something extraordinary to happen. Throughout the rest of the fight against terrorism remains a task of special services, rather than investors. Specifically on their shoulders rests the struggle against the ideological component of the movement.

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