Successful discoveries in the marketing of manufacturers of mobile phones

Successful discoveries in the marketing of mobile phone

Manufacturing companies of mobile communications in different ways out of the difficult situation prevailing in the market after the financial crisis. Taiwan's HTC even managed to overtake a while Finland's Nokia in terms of market capitalization.

What happened in April, a record decline in the shares of the latter, HTC allowed to enter the record, at the time, the level of $ 33.88 billion. Meanwhile, its capitalization has grown over the last 5 years in several 10-s time. HTC previously worked contractual release devices for other companies, but at the moment it is one of the most popular brands in the market of mobile phones. The fact that the developers are engaged in very tightly tablet computers, uzhu nobody strikes, because the best phone in 2010 was recognized as a popular destination for the predecessor model HTC Desire S — HTC Desire.

One of the most successful advertising company moves is considered an alpha index of the model name that has become a popular destination. Such a move allows the phones to market with a known naming, but with advanced features and design. Fans of the brand are always aware of their strengths and feeble hand of previous models. Because of new products expected to regular look. HTC phones are distinguished by high-quality assembly and a set of good abilities, becoming more sophisticated.

The abundance of inventions used by the company, particularly visible in those operating systems, which are equipped with various models. This OS Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7. Such a wide range reveals more successful variants and equip their conceptual model.

South American company Apple, handset maker iphone, iPad and tablet computers has become the most expensive brand in the world, according to the beginning of May this year. This was not helped in the least, and advertising policy that is based on the digital indexing already known and of favorite models.

By capitalization of Apple eclipsed the world's largest Internet company Google. Facilitate this, and great attention to product quality and new original design of the wireless communication.

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