Successful tests of intelligence machinery RHM-5 for the Navy

Successful testing machine intelligence RHM-5 for the Navy

In the Navy (Airborne Troops) successfully passed the control tests three standard serial machines RHM-5, created for NBC reconnaissance units (radiation, chemical and biological protection) Airborne. It became clear from the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry on Navy Major Ira Kruglov. The tests were conducted in Tula on the training ground of the 106th Airborne Division.

According Kruglov two cars RHM-5, past tests, direct to Pskov to equip 76 divisions NBC Airborne Division. In the spring of this year, these cars will participate in the collection of professionals NBC Airborne, also in the field output units. Another machine will be in a regular subdivision NBC Airborne compound in Tula.

The representative of the Navy added that during the tests confirmed the highest properties of machines, special services NBC Airborne mastered the new equipment installed on the machines, modern means of determining the level of contamination of the objects, the devices automatically transmit data on the results of exploration, as equipment GLONASS system.

Machine RHM-5 able to protect the crew from the effects of enemy use of weapons of mass destruction. That modification, which is designed for Military Airborne troops can lead radiation, chemical and biological prospecting in the airborne divisions, is also able to parachute from aircraft military aircraft using mnogokupolnyh rocket parachute systems.

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