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What is wrong is called, it is not so

Solve the crime — not just to name those responsible. Solve the crime — to recreate the broken balance and fairness. Crime solved! — The audience applauds.

But once for some reason does not pop.

After the tragedy in Minsk subway somewhere in the rear compartment of the brain, where we put away unwanted thoughts, again zapulsavala unpleasant feeling that this, like all of the most heinous crimes in history, remains unsolved. Even if it will open, call and punish those responsible, all the same will release-speculation, which in the latter days will be added new ones. Basically speculation — that is all that remains.

Why is this happening? First, because there is no confidence in the official sources that give us information instead of propaganda. Puffing tayamnichastsyu power, its policy is opaque and unpredictable. Second, because the true picture of the crime is always negligible compared to the tragedy that has turned the lives of hundreds of people.

But neither speculation nor indicated turner an electrician or a fortiori 13 killed — all we have in the net result — all these results do not carry a single drop of satisfaction. On the contrary, they only scharnyayuts that a cloud in my heart that hangs on December 19. What to do next?

There is the plane where the effect of the disclosure attack could bring that same satisfaction, return the balance to show the light at the end of the tunnel. This plane — conditions that make it possible terrorist attack. Many conditions — from major depressive mood in society, and Russification of the atmosphere (for us this act of terrorism — stylistically Russian phenomenon) to the training of those responsible for the security and the price of human life (Belarus, as we know, the last country in Europe, where are punished by death).

Unfortunately, experience shows that just conditions in Belarus, no one works only with the results. Therefore, by and large, nothing changes. Does not disappear dark mood continues Russification, rather reduced than increased security guarantees (the dynamics of the three attacks on this evidence) is still executed death sentences. Remain unsolved crime reality and fiction.

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