Taxi — reality show (all editions) watch online

Taxi - reality show (all editions) watch online
Here is a Russian version of the famous and very popular in the UK transmission of "Cash Cab". Practically each, without exception, can be her hero. How can this be, you ask? Yes, very simply! Leading Project travels through the town in a very real checkered cab and "catches" on the road to drive up everyone.
Moreover, this lucky, maybe even do not have to pay for travel — they will be delivered to any required place completely free of charge, and then another and Surcharges for travel! But there is one "but". They need to correctly answer all the questions that they ask leading. For each This is true answer they will get from 100 to 1000 rubles!
If passengers find it difficult to answer, they can use the tip of friends or even ask any passerby. In order to freely and comfortably get to your destination, get the money for this trip, and glorified all over the country, you just need to be knowledgeable and well read.

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