Teleportation — the invention of the past year




Teleportation — instantaneous transfer of the body from one point to another. Needless to say that teleportation is one of the favorite methods of science fiction of all time. As such, the teleportation is contrary to the laws of science. But in 2004, teleportation has become a reality. Indeed, under the teleportation can not understand the transfer and complete recreation at another point in the physical properties and characteristics of some object.

In 40 laboratories around the world in recent years conducted experiments in which attempts were made to teleportation of quantum states of the various particles. And seemingly abstruse abstraction of quantum physics finally moved on rails application. April 21, 2004 in Austria, Professor Anton Zeilinger of the University of Vienna has translated three thousand euros received from the mayor of the town hall in the nearest branch of the bank through an optical fiber with a code packed into a quantum state of a photon. This is the most secure of all the possible way to transmit information. The key code has been reproduced in the bank on a chip, which converts the laser photons in pairs. One photon of each pair remained in the bank, and the other is sent to the town hall.

Sadly, quantum teleportation is unfit to carry a person from one place to another. First of all, the process of data processing and interpretation is infinitely longer than a few thousandths of a second, which is saved connection between the point of assembly and disassembly of a point, even in the best experiments. For this reason, the probability that a copy will be similar to the original, falls to too risky for living beings values.

Zodiac 4.2005

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