Ternovka resident on his site saw a humanoid

October 18, 2012 21:43

"He was like a man who lights up on the crosswalk: dark color on a crimson background", — said Irina Kononova.
Exactly look humanoid, seen Ternovka resident in the sky over their portion. UFO as says Irina Dmitrievna, hovered a few meters away from her home and then fled.

Penzyachka says UFO was first rectangular. But when the subject is approached, she saw the mesh trapeze, inside which there is someone like a man.

"When he went down below, I could see. And then he abruptly disappeared, do not know what happened to "- the woman added.
"The case is very interesting, this description I have never met. Unfortunately, only one witness. You need to try to find someone else who has seen about the same, because the object is moved in the direction of the city center. I hope that other witnesses would respond, "- commented the expert Penza branch of the organization" Kosmopoisk "Vladimir puppeteer.
According to experts of the regional branch of "Kosmopoisk", where people could see not just UFOs, but also something like a humanoid, recorded in the world is very small. Therefore, this fact has now been thoroughly studied.

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