Test pilot Marina Popovich: Aliens have landed!

February 11, 2013 14:54

Marina Popovich is known not only as the only woman in Russia — Test Pilot, which established is also more than a hundred world records in the sky. She also UFO, UFO researcher and author of several books about the unknown and the mysterious.

The aliens have landed!

Talk with Marina Lavrentyevna — a pleasure. Open, extremely energetic, even though she is already under 80. How much baggage in her life stories!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov upset aliens

— Psychics say that this year will fateful meeting with the humans from other planets. What do you think?

— Aliens have landed! Not long ago I was in Peru — a unique country. Local people know exactly what on any monkeys humanity does not, our species 'delivered' aliens — Nanak. Alien ancestors left the set of rules by which to live — in harmony with the cosmos. We have forgotten the rules, but the Peruvians remember and live by the ancient cosmic laws: the food is prepared, and get married. And do not bury the dead, and tape up like a mummy, and placed upright in a grave. A few days later the body mysteriously disappeared. Peruvians know that the dead are taken into space cosmic ancestors and revive it. Hence, perhaps, went to the expression "kingdom of heaven" and "the resurrection to eternal life."

In Peru, there is a place of Machu Picchu — the mountain height of more than 5000 meters. Back if stupenechki go if someone had gouged. I would have climbed up — I'm an adventuress! But I said, not worth it, there's no air up there. But at the top could be seen something blue or blue — as if the bottom of the tent and blew it on the mountain caught on something. "What is it?" — I asked Peruvians. But they did not know. And recently, I got a call from Peru. Said, we have learned that there is a "house"! With Ganymede — is one of the 16 satellites of Jupiter — a boy and a girl came. Six feet tall, very handsome, blond.

"For the lips realize that we tell them, reproducing the word — and we are contacting them. And do not go up any tent, canopy and a special space — there we are strangers and live. " So they told me on the phone, and now I'm going to Peru — terribly interesting! I've never seen aliens "live", but their aircraft — yes, more than once. I wrote about it in his book about UFOs. But the aliens are in no hurry to fly up and meet. Generally, they are afraid of us.

— But why?

— Remember, the President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told of his encounter with the aliens? Those, too, were with Ganymede. Kirsan they confessed, "We are afraid of you, and especially — the Chinese and the Koreans, they eat cats and dogs." And we told the aliens, cats and dogs — best friends, we talk to them, we are friends. "Here you are — the alien visitors asked Kirsan — eat meat?" "Of course — he said — I love the pair of veal cutlets, chicken broth." Guests sighed sadly and flew away. Although Kirsan was ready, that he would take a ride on a spaceship.

Bigfoot severed dog

— On the ground, not less mysterious than in the sky — continued our interlocutor. — Once I got in Tajikistan. Local breeders proudly told me that they have a Bigfoot — Bigfoot — almost three feet tall. And they are friends with him — he comes to their parking lot, they treat it with milk. True, he does not talk. And dogs and cats are afraid of him. One dog tried to bite once, but Bigfoot grabbed her and ripped in half! ..

After a few years, the team of scientists gathered in an expedition to the places where they saw the Yeti. I asked for it, and with a young daughter. At night, we sleep in a tent, and suddenly I hear the cries of Oksana daughter. I opened my eyes and saw a sleeping bag Oksana someone drags! I grabbed my daughter, pulled over, screamed. Alarmed the whole camp. In the morning we saw a huge trail near tent bare foot. I think that the snow people have something to do with aliens. Because in this and the following days, the camp circled plate.

— There are rumors that Gagarin and carried away by aliens, was killed.

— Unfortunately, it is really dead. And on that day I was at the airport and there was a tragedy in my eyes. Gagarin and Seryogin plane too quickly took off, gained altitude and hit the trail on a large cargo aircraft. Poor visibility, besides, Gagarin was a long delay in flights. The first cosmonaut was snapped on the ground — receptions, meetings. But the complicated technique requires daily training …

With hornbeam and now we correspond

— What are the wonders you have faced?

— I had to visit the famous crop circles. When you stand inside the circle, stop watch and compass starts to spin wildly. And so many thoughts in my head! As if someone is trying to provide you invisible information — about the structure of the universe, extraterrestrial civilizations … very strong feelings. It is believed that through these circles in our world and fly UFO — inside the circles are underground base plates. If this is true, I think, once we find out.

— In your circle of friends also includes Gregory Grabovoy. When he was jailed, you supported him.

— Hornbeam — a scientist, a psychic, and very strong. I am very familiar with it, write to, and that's recently sent a letter. Fortunately, it's all right.

Kataev Victoria

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