Tests new missile complex «Iskander» were successful, said Sergei Ivanov

Tests new missile complex
Our homeland successfully tested cruise missiles mobile modernized complex «Iskander». 1st Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, referring to the head of state Vladimir Putin referred complex «precision of modern weapons.»

One of the more fundamental features of «Iskander» is the ability to destroy enemy air defense and missile defense system of the deepest rear of their own troops, reports the publication «Voyska.ru.»

Tests the latest operational and tactical missile complex for ground forces «Iskander» completed successfully, said the first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. He personally was on Tuesday on tests at Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan region. «I am very pleased to say that these first tests completed successfully,» — said the first deputy prime minister told reporters.

Trial run missiles had to show as to whether the new Russian weapon conduct interaction with recently developed mobile installation. The other day about the upcoming trials Ivanov informed President Vladimir Putin.

First deputy prime minister sent a letter to the address to the President, in which outlined the goals and objectives of the coming launch. «On the ground in the Astrakhan region provides for testing of cruise missiles mounted on mobile complex» Iskander «, which provides divergent warheads» — said Ivanov.

First vice-premier also noted that the system of «Iskander» in the current time passes the second step of modernization. «This is due to the fact that the highest accuracy — the main principle of the creation of the new tactical systems for the Army, but there is a variation on the types of missiles — not only traditionally ballistic» — said Ivanov.

«We want to look at the use of cruise missiles on such mobile applications,» — said the first deputy prime minister.

«Iskander», according views Ivanova is the «precision of modern means of destruction.» The very same system began to be used troops two years back. Operational-tactical set of ground troops «Iskander-M» is in Kolomna Engineering Design Bureau (KBM).

Launcher complex has the ability and is the deepest rear of their own troops, perfectly destroy missiles, long-range artillery, missile defense systems and facilities defense, aviation airfields, command posts and communications, including underground, small size and other principal area targets.

To increase the accuracy and destruction of objects falling into the «Iskander» laid sverhtehnologichny solutions, makes it easy to bypass the system and missile defense. The entire system is self-sufficient, in other words a hundred percent autonomous and does not need a satellite navigation and control.

«Iskander» can lead to interaction of cosmic reconnaissance, unmanned aerial vehicles, and means to work on targets in real time. His shooting range 50-280 km. On the launcher are two missiles, each of which with utmost precision to deliver to the target cluster warhead weighing 480 kg.

The complex consists of a rocket-propelled launcher-loader transport and command post vehicle, mobile unit training disk imaging, mobile technical units and Welfare Unit, also sets the arsenal and the training equipment.

Missile itself — single stage, the engine has a single nozzle is controlled by movement across the line of flight using aerodynamic and gasdynamic rudders. An important feature of the launcher was the placement of her not one, but 2-missiles.

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