That can kill people in Russia?

October 16, 2012 20:55

The theory of global warming, according to Russian scientists, is a conscious cover new species existing in the Anglo-Saxon weapons of mass destruction.

First, it is the climate weapon whose effects are well disguised meteorological processes.
Secondly, it is a genetic weapon — in particular GMOs used in food. It is used against selected countries under the guise of humanitarian aid, and more. In particular — in the lean years. In this crop of competing countries can destroy it climatic weapon causing abnormal drought, frost, and other disasters.

Today Russia has registered seventeen lines of genetically modified plants. Here are some varieties of corn, soybeans, potatoes and beets. But one can not discount that the huge variety of products imported from Europe, which registered one hundred and twenty lines of GMOs, not to mention the product in the U.S.. Therefore, on the shelves of Russian stores genetically modified ingredients found in bakery products, meat, dairy products and even baby food.

The alarm again sounded the St. Petersburg scientists. They conducted a study in adolescents and found that healthy just five per cent of pupils. The rest is chronically ill or are at risk due to improper metabolism.

Obesity is the number one disease in the world. In the West, formally recognize the epidemic thick. It seems that Russia is close to it. But this is only the first call. What will happen with the next generation of Russians? Will they do to light?

This and many other documentary tells the REN TV "Apocalypse. Time Bomb "from" Secret territory "(aired August 3 at 22.00).

After all, obesity — is the result of genetic mutations of the body. Genes responsible for the saturation of our food, and the genes that control the production of hormones, such as insulin, can not cope with their functions — as degrading. And the reason for this — as harmful food additives are used, for example, all the lemonade, chips and chocolate, and genetically modified foods, which by hook or by crook we are forced to buy.

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