The agency NASA were kidnapped control codes for ISS

The agency NASA were kidnapped control codes for ISS

As a result, the South American Theft space agency has lost a laptop with unencrypted command codes and control the ISS. This has admitted Paul Martin — General inspector NASA. He made this confession at a meeting of South American Congress. How to imply theft took place in March last year. Its effects have been identified in an internal audit (information «CBS»).

The new owners of the stolen laptop can be fully gained access to the disk imaging ISS. In general, according to the views of Paul Martin, this is nothing devilish. Apply these codes and to profit from it could only criminals in this case, if they have been under the hand gallakticheskoy communication system and all the necessary data to manage international gallakticheskoy station.

Missing codes — a small part of a truly huge amount of stolen secret disk imaging. Only in the last two years, the NASA "Lost" 40 eight laptops. It should be noted that only one percent of them were encrypted (information magazine "News of Cosmonautics").

According to figures cited NASA Inspector, from 2010 to 2011 was recorded 5,408 incidents, one way or another related to cyber security. Over the past year alone NASA undergone forty-seven computer attacks. The harm of them was about $ 7 million

All of these cases, according to Paul Martin, then classified as: group hacks whose primary purpose is the theft or modification of data, samples of young kibervzlomschikov try their strength in the end, the attack burglars intelligence services of foreign countries. And thirteen of cyber attacks, says Martin, crowned with success.

As further explained CEO inspector, one of the computer attack was carried out with IPs belonging to China. As a result, cyber hackers gained access to the accounts of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (California).

It may seem curious, but many Western experts at having access to hidden information, often lose the secrets entrusted to them. For example, in February 2012 the British bureaucrat from the Office for Nuclear Regulation in some places in India dropped a "flash drive", which are not only the results of the stress test, nuclear power plants, and detailed maps of its territory. And now the authorities in England fear that this information came to terrorists.

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