The aliens live on the moon

November 7, 2012 4:23

The aliens live on the moon

Everyone who lives in the world, not just admiring fantastic light only satellite of our own planet — the Moon. But scientists have long regarded the moon as a source of supply of mineral resources for the needs of the planet, as well as the launching pad for entry into the solar system.

But earthlings seem to have indicated that they are too late — the moon already has an owner.

Many of the facts and circumstances support this conclusion.

After the huge excitement and competition in exploration of the Moon, 90 years of lunar programs even stopped to talk, and not what they carry. Only experts have continued to NASA lunar project, which essentially held in complete secrecy. One of the projects was to use the lunar surface as a launch site for flights to Mars.

Just over serious reasons could cause the termination of programs for the development of the Moon.

For the layman was enough information about what space travel on the earth's satellite are very expensive and that nothing on this satellite interesting there.

However, the public, not having official information, discuss the reasons for refusal of the development of the lunar surface. There were different assumptions. One of these was the view that the program "Apollo" only cover the U.S. military project to create a secret bases on the moon, and that for this purpose on Earth satellite has long delivered unique equipment, allowing it to create complex objects. Media fantasies in front of his eyes appeared caponiers layman, underground structures, connected by tunnels and rooms for long stays expeditions.

Another suspicious fact confirms the existence of serious circumstances not known to most humans. Almost simultaneously terminated the American program "Apollo" and the Soviet "Lunokhod-2". Maybe earthlings have indicated that their appearance on the moon is considered invasion of foreign territory?

The media, as always, were quick to place on their pages sensational information that the astronauts were on the moon, saw there the alien ships and lunar structure. As the media became available records of negotiations with astronauts Mission Control Centre. From talking astronauts can be concluded that in the expeditions they often faced with unexplained circumstances. For example, astronauts often seen on the lunar surface and above the strange objects. Moon landing at one of the ships in the air sounded strange melody of sounds similar to the locomotive whistles. Only a lucky break helped astronauts 'Apollo 13' to survive at the direction of their service module beam UFO. Members of the expedition, "Apollo 16" D. Scott and J. Irwin believe that on the lunar surface, the "fired" from an unknown weapon, and then a powerful beam of light in their eyes pierced the black lunar sky. Astronaut Cernan and Schmitt struck fact unexpected explosion of mobile antenna of the lunar module.

As at that time, neither the United States nor the Soviet Union had no such equipment and aircraft, which saw the astronauts, it is quite a high degree of confidence to say that they have seen a UFO.

Can not say that these findings were unexpected. In 1969 nuclear scientist Glenn Seaborg said that astronauts "Apollo 11" found on the moon prints, such as those that should be left to tracked vehicles.

Based on available information, the owners of the moon not only developed a rigorous activity on its territory, but also making every effort to protect their possessions from humans. It is likely that all of the flights of U.S. and Soviet ships to the moon were under the control of a UFO.

British scientist, astronomer J. Leonard published his work, the result of the analysis of archive images from the satellite of the Earth. The main idea of the article — on the moon live race of intelligent beings. As evidence, he presented the pictures in which a clearly visible large (5 miles in diameter) Earth-moving devices and other equipment. Another scientist — Dr. Farooq also claimed that the moon was visible tall spiers of buildings, casting a shadow.

Also not entirely convincing argument the U.S. side to stop the implementation of the lunar program because of the high cost of the project to taxpayers. After all, U.S. scientists realize the many expensive programs, but they do not hold. Another interesting fact — satellite "Clementine", which is transmitted to Earth a lot of unique frames, was not launched by NASA, and in the framework of the "Star Wars." Perhaps this is due to the fact that Americans take steps to develop ways to protect the actions of "moon the enemy." The results of "Clementine" exceeded all expectations — of images sent to Earth, were pictures of the lunar poles, no one had seen before. However, the program "Clementine" was not completed until the end: before moving on to an orbit near the connection with the satellite suddenly ceased. Immediately reminded of these events when the connection was lost as the "Lunokhod-2" Martian "The Observer". Who is it that prevents earthlings go beyond its planet?

But if the conclusions of scientists based on the available images, it is possible that the astronauts were on the moon saw and know a lot more than that known to the public?

In 1960, an American think tank in its forecast effects of space activities for mankind thought that humanity can discover intelligent extraterrestrial life. Center recommended to classify all the information about it.

Subsequent events have confirmed the predictions of scientists: even first research missions to the Moon have confirmed the existence of the Earth by satellite tech civilization. When the ship landed on the moon with astronauts on board, NASA had to make every effort to conceal information about the presence of traces of activity on the moon for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Only 80 years have leaked information that all the astronauts walked on the moon, were subjected to hypnosis. The official version of this action — help astronauts clearly remember everything that happened to them in the expedition. In reality, it was carried out to block the memories to sensitive information, even accidentally became known to the public. Perhaps for this reason, or because the subscription to disclose information, the first American astronaut Neil Armstrong lived the rest of his life as a hermit.

The second man, who had been on the lunar surface — Edwin Aldrin, while speaking at public events, when it seemed quite innocent question about his feelings on the moon, his behavior is strange: in the first case (presented at "nodding"), he panicked as a result of which had to interrupt his speech, and in the second case (interview with was furious, saying that he remembered nothing.

The third astronaut, commander of the ship "Apollo 12," Charles Conrad, as well as its predecessor, could not answer that question, leaving the answer incomprehensible shouting that he liked the question.

The pilot of "Apollo 14" Edgar Mitchell tried to remember everything related to finding it on the lunar surface. But after numerous unsuccessful attempts to turn to professional hypnotist with a request to "decode" your memory. But it did not work: If a session was asked to tell what he was feeling, being on the moon, astronaut refused to answer, saying it does not matter. But all the members who could not remember what happened to them on the moon, well kept in mind the technical minutiae of the flight. When Edgar Mitchell, after many years, showed the photo, where it was captured on the surface of the moon, standing under a huge dark blue glass dome, he could not remember anything.

The last of the astronauts who visited the moon Eugene Cernan, in his speech on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the flight of "Apollo 11" emotionally and said bitterly that remembers only that it is allowed. But at a meeting with President Bush, Jr., the president's words, which urged Americans to make a huge technological leap and begin development of neighboring celestial bodies, caused open resentment Cernan.

American astronaut D. Glenn to orbit in 1962 on Spaceship Earth, said the astronauts in their space travel have seen a lot of things which could not even give an explanation. To avoid panic, disorder, fear and terror of the population space travelers kept their mouths shut. And only in nightmares again they remembered what had been told to forget.

Surprisingly, living in Argentina 74-year old pensioner R. Barras, who claims that aliens are not just taking him and their spacecraft, he repeatedly flew to the moon. Elderly man says he saw the moon tunnels, of which start UFOs — and it coincides with the findings of scientists. He told us more about the interesting details of the flights: at the approach to the tunnel UFO decrease in size, the tunnels are located both on the visible side of the Moon from the Earth, and on the reverse. He described the appearance of the "lunar beings': they do not have hair, and they differ from humans anatomically.

Accomplished fact is that humanity invaded space. And how will it thought out action, now the very existence of life on Earth.

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