The best farmers Pskov region presented development grants

July 3 in the Administration of the region held a solemn ceremony of awarding certificates for grants in the field of agriculture. The event was attended by the First Deputy Governor of the Pskov region Sergey Pernikov.

Opening the event, Pervyyvitse-gubernatorotmetil importance of farming not only for the agricultural sector in the region, but also for the economy of the Pskov region in general. Sergei Pernikov assured that the administration of the region will continue to support small and medium enterprises, creating decent conditions for the implementation of farm labor by expanding the list of support measures.

From the hands of Sergei Pernikov certificates for the creation and development of farms and the formation of family livestock farms were beginning farmers and heads of farms in the region.


In particular, holders of grants for beginning farmers this year were representatives Nevelskogo Palkino, Pechora, Plyussa, Strug-Krasnenskogoi other districts.

Evidence of the implementation of grants received today and heads of farms and Gdovsky Porkhov areas.

After the presentation of certificates Sergei Pernikov discussed with farmers to their questions and problems Pskov farmers face in their work. In particular, they discussed issues of increasing the acreage, the acquisition of elite seeds of the material bases of farm machinery and product marketing.

At the end of the conversation, Sergey Pernikov instructed the Deputy Chief of the State Department of Agriculture, Veterinary and state technical supervision of the Pskov region, Alexander Viazovskaya to organize a general meeting of all farmers in the region to keep them informed on the measures of state support, consulting services, training, and more.

We add to this year to support beginning farmers in the region from the federal and regional budgets allocated over 16.5 million rubles, family farms — more than 12 million rubles. According to the conditions, farmers who receive grants are required to create at least three permanent jobs and carry out farming activities for a minimum of five years. Funds may be used for the reconstruction and modernization of the farm premises, the purchase of livestock and equipment and other purposes.

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