The best tank crew of the Armed Forces of Russia serves in the Western Military District

Today, in the suburban Alabino passed the final competitions Tank biathlon among the best tank crews of military districts. At the start there were four crews — two from the West, one from the South and one from the Central military districts, which showed the best results on the eve of the season opener tank platoons.


Best to address the judging committee recognized tank crew 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade (sep mot bde) of the Western Military District (WEST), consisting of a tank commander Sergeant Nicholas Jr. Morokova, gunner Sergeant Ivan Revenyaly and driver Private Igor Artemyev.

The winners took only 38 minutes and 3 seconds to overcome the distance. The route they took place without a single miss, penalty seconds and extra ammunition

The second place was taken by the crew of the honorable 205 sep mot bde Southern Military District (tank commander Lieutenant Dmitry Zhuravlev, gunner Sgt Albert Khoudary, a driver ordinary Il'shat Allayarov), who came to the finish line behind the leader for 2 minutes.

Third place was won by the second crew of 138 sep mot bde WEST (tank commander sergeant Arthur Gapizov, gunner Private Maxim Seleznev, a driver Dmitry ordinary soldiers).

During the competition crews were long distance of about 20 km, breaking with several obstacles, such as slalom (snake) ford mound (steep climb), RUT bridge and escarpment.

In addition, the participants completed the shooting competition from tanks standard missiles, large-caliber machine guns and anti-tank guided missile on various targets at ranges from 1.6 m to 2.5 thousand thousand meters

The competition was held on tanks T-72B. When performing tasks all the crews showed excellent skills in managing military equipment and high moral and professional qualities. The time interval between the crews, who came first and the last was less than 10 minutes.

Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin awards finalists all-army Tank biathlon competitions with prizes.

The crew of the winner will represent the Armed Forces of Russia on the international stage of the competition Tank biathlon, which will be held on August 17. Russian tankers will compete with colleagues from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia


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