The car gives a person a sense of freedom

Information and educational institution "For Auto" has launched a campaign against another rise in fuel prices — "Stop Petrol 2". Measures against the increase in fuel prices were held in 12 cities in Belarus, were attended by disgruntled motorist. The initiators of the campaign urged drivers to fill two liters of fuel, paying small bills. Chairman of the association "For Auto" Artem Sharkov was arrested shortly after the beginning of the action, but later released.

Znatkevich: Before the action you stopped by the police. As they explained — for what?

Sharqiyah I was detained during the protest: I had to come and open the action and 18 hours, and then the riot police stopped me — for identification for verification, I'm not wanted, and kept literally an hour fifteen. After that, politely drove back to my car at a gas station.

Znatkevich: How do you rate share, whether it was successful?

Sharkov: Given the measures that have been taken to ensure that the action was not, and yet gathered enough people — despite the fact that the enthusiasm was all the same more than a month has passed since the last increase — I think quite a successful campaign. It was held in different cities and we have paid attention to itself, including public authorities, with whom we are negotiating on the issue of increasing fuel prices.

Znatkevich: But the price of fuel is high everywhere — in Europe is even higher.

Sharkov: In Europe and other wages. Why performed this action? It is not political, it is primarily a social nature, and is held to draw attention to the dissonance that exists today. It's a big difference between the salaries and expenses of the people. And the price of a liter of gasoline is very serious hits the pocket of people, considering that the average income, which is declared by the state — $ 500, and there are real — which gets the majority of people — about 350 dollars. And this income is not enough to live a normal life, not to mention the fact that even buy gasoline. And the level of motorization in the Republic of Belarus, perhaps, is the highest among the CIS countries.

Public transport is full, it can not cope with the traffic flow. Therefore, only personal machines can somehow help. And then, the car gives a person a sense of freedom. When a person gets behind the wheel, it is free for the moment from all the other circumstances — in addition to the other drivers on the road. And abandon the people can not.

Photo report of the action HERE.

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