The construction of dolmens

Presumably, dolmens not only generate ultrasound, but also emit it in the form of a directed beam (searchlight effect), as evidenced by the design features of the dolmens. Luggage dolmen represents funnel, flared in the direction from back to front. Statistical processing zapadnokavkazskih dolmens showed that with all the variety of sizes of dolmens angles of cameras they met. Namely, the horizontal angle chamber solution averages 94.4 degrees, the angle of the roof — 95.4 degrees.

An important element in the construction of dolmens is also a hole in their front wall — "hole." It is located on the centerline of the front wall, wherein at a certain height from the floor. The most common is the position of the center hole, which divides the front wall height in the ratio of 1:2 (bottom-up), at least in a proportion of 3:4. Of the 25 cases examined, the hole is round semicircle, eggs, rectangle. The horizontal dimension (diameter of a circle, semicircle, etc.) is usually 40 inches.

Thus, the statistics revealed a parameter by the "ideal" (average) zapadnokavkazskogo dolmen: the perimeter of the base of the chamber 720 centimeters, the angle of the camera's 94.4 degrees, the roof angle 95.4 degrees, the hole in the front wall of a diameter of 40 centimeters is a circle, the center of his located on the centerline of the front wall dividing it in a proportion of (upward) 1:2. This dolmen was to generate directional (in the direction you looked hole) beam ultrasonic waves modulated audio frequency of 23 Hz.


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