The deformation of plates dolmens

Deformation of plates dolmens occurred due to the tidal influence of the Moon and the Sun. The tidal wave through the attraction of the moon causes vertical movements not only water in the oceans, but the layers of the earth's crust. For example, at the latitude of Moscow daily vertical oscillations of the earth's crust due to tidal influence is about 30 centimeters.

The height of the tidal waves in the Earth's crust (as in the oceans) is constantly changing depending on the relative position of the Moon and the Sun relative to the Earth, revealing the daily, monthly and longer cycles. Does that not explain cyclical sound Rollrayta? And not because the megalith builders were interested in whether the movement of the moon, that they needed to know their mode of operation "radiators"?

It is clear that the maximum deformation should experience dolmenov vertical elements (walls), particularly in its lower part. They are in fact putting pressure not only the mass of the vertical plate, but the roof of the dolmen, laid on top. It is possible that a role in the alleged speaker to play and "heel" stones placed under the walls of dolmens. Unfortunately, archaeological studies did not provide any data on the composition and properties of these stones. And because they have experienced the greatest strain in the whole system!

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