The evolution of the universe is like a roller coaster

The scientists compared the evolution of the universe with a ride on a roller coaster: Now we are rapidly "rush downhill"

The universe is expanding with increasing speed, says the most common theory of its evolution. However, this acceleration was not constant — in the history of the universe was a period when, on the contrary, the expansion took place very slowly, as if gravity slowed down the speed. This can be illustrated by comparison with the roller coaster ride: climbing, trailer barely moves, then reaches a peak and rushes down, picking up speed.

The results of a new study unveiled an international team of scientists in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. Studying how the gas is distributed in remote corners of the universe, they were able to determine the speed at which it is expanding 11 billion years ago — that is, after three billion years after its formation in the Big Bang.

In the universe there is absolutely empty seats, even in the most remote areas of gas, told the newspaper The Telegraph is one of the co-authors of the study, Dr. Matt Pieri University of Portsmouth.

Gas clouds can be measured, as they absorb the light from quasars — incredibly powerful galactic nuclei, which are among the brightest objects in the universe. (For details about quasars in this study — the site RIA "News"). "Shadows," which are formed as a result, and just lets you map these remote areas and reveal how the universe evolved, and what was the effect of dark energy to "speed up".

Dark energy from which the universe is composed by three-quarters, is one of the greatest astronomical mysteries. This mysterious force was discovered only recently — in 1998. Its existence has been proven by the study of radiation of a supernova. It is the dark energy causes the universe to expand faster and faster. In this case, it is completely invisible, and the fact of its existence is known only by its impact.

Now astrophysicists have found that the addition of the "peak on a roller coaster," The universe reached about seven billion years ago, followed by increased energy "has taken her into a ditch." Today we are rushing downhill, scientists say.

"The expansion of the universe tells us that in the depths of the universe exists not just gas: it seems that the cosmos has its own energy, and the wider the space, the more it is this" dark energy ", — concludes Dr. Pieri.

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