The Finns finished patience

The Finns finished patience

So, expect a surprise happened. How the devil-the-box, in the political arena of Finland took the representatives of the national-populist party "True Finns" and mixed all the cards of the political elite. The success of this party by another as damaging, and not called.

Let formal favorite race — it is the representatives of the right-bourgeois "Coalition Party" with its 20.4% of the vote, the party "True Finns" did a magnificent leap. They received 19.0% of the vote, the taking possession of 39 seats in parliament. It is almost 8 times more than in the elections that were held in 2007. Then they managed to get only 5 seats. "Party Center ", was in the lead in the last 2-election, lost by a resounding crash, lost with all this third part of their mandates, as well as" green. " The Social Democrats are practically left with their own interests.

By the way, the control of the party "True Finns' Timo Soini expectedly became upset that his movement equate to lots of right-wing and nationalist colors: he characterizes his own party as a" labor party without socialism. " In addition, he is ready to work in partnership with other minions, the Social Democrats and the "Coalition Party."

Social networks and web on election night exploded trivial to comment. Some intellectuals shocked "Green". This party always stood not only for environmental positions, and the positions of public tolerance. Plain fact: a multilingual web site — a "green", and even the Russian language. And so, on the basis of all these ideas are not reclaimed at any given time. The intellectuals are quietly sobbing. In honor worker and small businessman.

Why is it for the party "True Finns" voted not only eternal Finns, as evidenced by the dialogue on the Web, and yesterday's immigrants, immigrants in general — novograzhdane? There is no clear answer, but all the same things you can comprehend. Priemuschestvenno, a small businessman and worker working in Finland, legally and pay taxes, social bolshennuyu tired contain the country in which they can live happily ever after, or who sits on various social benefits, or working in the smoke.

Finns against the "black" workers who do not pay taxes and bring down the cost. That is why the failure of the country's rulers to protect the interests of the Finnish people, who make a living by work on small family businesses or self-employed, reckless rapprochement with the EU, was summoned to the Finland rejection and protest.

The right-wing conservatives of the pro-European 'Coalition Party' is very predictable represent the interests of the representatives of large and medium-sized capital, high officials and rentiers. They are all keenly interested in the upcoming Finnish EU integration, deepening globalization and to facilitate easy movement of capital, product and labor. This party support and those whose prosperity depends on the prosperity of the upper layers of society: countless consultants, lawyers and private doctors. Even expensive stylists and barbers.

Because completely predictable coalition may be "True Finns" and the Social Democrats — they favored an increased tax burden on the rich and for the preservation of jobs in Finland. On the right-wing party "True Finns" connects voedinyzhdy rather negative attitude to the threats in the environmental field. And the most basic contradiction — it's a negative attitude to the role of Finland European aid program notes and save the economy of such countries as Ireland, Greece, Portugal.

Obviously, neither of which the pressure on foreigners conversation does not go, and uncontrolled take people from the southern states representatives of the "True Finns" did not think it possible. As the saying goes, there are no places fundamentally is not enough. Especially because there is already some example of France, which is very quietly closed its gates in front of those same people of Tunisia, which have a passport already has a temporary residence permit in Italy, and which gives the right to move freely throughout the Schengen zone countries. In Finland, the reason that so to France, so why so Makarov can not do, and in Finland itself? And why is this country, located in the far north of Europe, to deal with immigrants Mediterranean? In Finland, unlike in Italy, there is no off the African coast and islands of the colonies.

With such an exciting finale election prospects of Russian-Finnish relations. According to experts, most likely, no sudden configurations will not be — it's not in the Finnish rules. It is no accident favorite 'True Finns' Timo Soini, the higher it raised the rating, the more it became a "statesman." It is acceptable to Finland. Moreover, that Russian citizens who are investing their money in real estate or a Finnish business, not in any way interfere with life Finnish proletariat. And quite the contrary, they are doing there jobs. So that Russian immigrants and citizens of the Russian Federation is not the main problem of this country.

But in the adjoining Swedish worried about the treatment of minorities who speak Swedish, and the fate of the Swedish language in Finland. Europe is worried about the fate of the packet on monetary assistance to Portugal — in fact the issue of the EU must be taken unanimously.

Cases with a Russian party "Coalition Party," the most direct. After all, right vyklyunet right eye, and the "United Russia", from the standpoint of Europe — the most that neither is a right-wing party, which represents the interests of top bureaucrats and big capital. So from here, and popliteal is not expected.

Coupled with the fact read at the moment about a certain something difficult. Favourite party that defeated in the election to become prime minister and begin to work on the creation of a parliamentary majority. In the history of Finland has been "rainbow coalition," a coalition of socialists, capitalists, public perceived the fate of almost everything, because in Finnish politics is not made a start hocks quite so obvious. It is not clear how the conditions and how the power of a greater or lesser extent have to "sacrifice principles."

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