The fourth shell Secrets — acoustic set?

The immediate impetus for the promotion incentive hypothesis was the startling discovery of British scientists concerning one of the megalithic monuments of Britain — Rollrayta. This structure consists of a circle of stones, dolmens and menhirs, that is, is no different from other similar megalithic structures. It all started with the fact that a zoologist, who studied the flight of bats in the area using a portable ultrasound receiver, found that at a certain time of day megalith emits ultrasound scoring squeaking bats. He reported it to scientists at Oxford University.

With this began the "Project Dragon." There was an informal group of scientists, which included physics, radio engineers, chemists, geologists. Soon the company BBC BBC aired an interview with the team leader Don Ro-Binns, who spoke about the amazing things. The measurements made by scientists have shown that just before sunrise stone monument emits pulses of ultrasound, off again shortly after sunrise. Ultrasonic vibrations are most intense and long-lasting during the equinoxes, are minimal during the solstices.

Against this background, the individual stones are included in the structure have different cycles of sound. For example, a menhir in the winter there is a lot of activity than that of the stone circle, and then increases the activity of both, and in the circle she is growing faster than the menhir, and in the spring exceeds its activity. Zone ultrasound clearly limited in space. For example, a standing stone that emits ultrasound affects the zone diameter of 45 meters beyond, as shown by measurements, ultrasound is not fixed. Control measurements were carried out close to Rollraytu objects — trigopunkta, concrete buildings, natural accumulations of sandstone blocks, but none of them emits ultrasonic waves.

Oxford scientists have hypothesized that the ultrasonic vibrations of the "transmitter stone age" are caused by weak electric currents that brings in the rocks under the influence of solar radio waves. At the same time, they believe, the energy of the sound of each individual stone itself is small, but the exact location (orientation in space) the total of all the stones creates a powerful energy flow.


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