The games that people play

November 13, 2011 19:28

The new millennium marked the entrance to the age of information. And let the Internet has existed for decades before the first change in the counting tsiferki years in the Gregorian calendar, but it is massively began to enter into our lives only in the last 10-15 years. To date, the World Wide Web are not subject to the will of people who want to make it a tool of control of everything.

Internet still serves everyone. How willing to bear the truth and good, and for those who seeks to reverse.
More and more people in the world are beginning to understand what is going on around them something wrong. Authorities did not inspire confidence. Television has become an instrument of brainwashing. Most newspapers publish what the censors approved the top, and a good half of them are even worse than the content broadcast. Where, in search of fresh and adequate information go person who wants to understand? Most modern people for this purpose using the Internet. But here, too, invented different tricks, such as the promotion of corruption and various stuff, analogues of zomboyaschika information. But this is not going to focus on. And so it is clear that the mud and lies on the Internet can be found on the order of magnitude larger than in real life.
But who is looking for quality information that necessarily finds it. This is the main problem for those who benefit from the slaves and to keep the public ignorant. Therefore develop appropriate methods of maintaining control. On popular information resources active "network trolls on the payroll," the purpose of which create uncertainty for users of the truth lined material. But much more successful using another tool of distraction people from useful and accurate information — computer games. Go to any mailbox in any social network, torrent tracker, or video and audio hosting, and the first to catch the eye banners, pop-ups, spam, and other advertising games. For every taste and genre. In this paper, this relatively new form of entertainment, we will look at as a tool for the invisible and moral genocide.
"Bread and circuses" — a classic expression. A certain formula for success for those who manage the company and wants to hold on to that warm place as long as possible. That is, besides work and sleep a person has a need for food, it means to provide satiety slaves, and they will not be in a hurry to go on strike. And it must be a spectacle to fill any remaining free time.
Here it should be noted that the concept of spectacle can be understood as a kind of dope. Alcohol, drugs, debauchery propaganda serve the same purpose. Datura is also used for the so-called modern music styles and film fanaticism of sports fans and youth movements in the form of punk, emo, etc. All that you can score a head, thoughts and aspirations. For the vast number of young people age information chief dope and spectacle are computer games.
Here is revealed the first goal of the current games — distraction population, and especially the younger generation, from the really important things.
Each time a man in search of the necessary information comes to the Internet, he is more or less struggling with the temptation to accept the offer to spend drawn little world with its inhabitants and regulations, hour, day, month, year. And spend that precious time that can be given to the good for themselves and others deal: school, work, develop their skills and talents, creativity, household chores, communication and joint activities with family and friends. And also to study the situation in the world, the understanding of the causes, consequences, and perform actions on the impact on current events.
The possibility to engage in all of the above seems to be no one take. But for some reason, millions of people every day all his free time spend on the computer screen, "rubyas" in another toy.

What keeps them on a leash?

Out of all the strongest dependency is psychological. When there is no strength to fight something when you do not see solutions to complex problems, often there is rush to get away from the problem, to turn away from the reality. So hooked on drugs or alcohol, and computer games — no better. They are incredibly attractive, give to feel the liberator, the avenger, master, master of the situation. Stuck in invented worlds of people lose basic instincts: awareness of time and space, life and death, moral standards. People skills are far behind. But who cares about this is the case when the game can feel strong, heroics, failing replaying unpleasant moments?
Games offer players a selection of psevdotseley that can be achieved and this fame among the other players. Whether it's in the ranking, the new level or title character, a privilege for certain bonuses and the opportunity to get a rare artifact. This is one of the main hooks, which keeps the population game industry.
What is there to hide, recognition, fame, evidence of its existence in the eyes of others — this is what more or less every wish. Even if in a small circle of people, but to be the one who stands out from the others.
Man begins to put forces in achieving virtual targets. Celebrates successes, finding new "friends" and "opponents." Wants to achieve what could not be achieved in reality, is not paying attention, that's all surrogates. Game makers compete in the realism of virtual worlds, the possibilities for the development of his character, the number of "points". In the foreground figure "on the passage of time," which in common terminology is the same as the strength of the drug. Actual time spent on the fictional life of the development, the exchange of health to increase the numbers that exist only in memory and imagination of a sick player.
People life torn between the desire for self-fulfillment and self laziness. But games like the sentence "two in one", give food to satisfy the desire to succeed and do not strain your body and mind. It quickly becomes a way of life entertainment, gradually turning into a necessity. The more a player spends time on the computer, the worse it becomes dependent, changing the consciousness of the victim.

The second goal games — stolen opportunities
Reducing the moral, physical and mental development of the population, creating a "lever". Less competition in power, fewer people who will take the time out to delve into the affairs of the powerful. Less than those who do come off of a chair to do something or somehow interfere with this or that tyranny, violence and injustice. Game — as a sleeping pill for self-awareness and an anchor for the action. Putting their capabilities, their potential is not real world, people do not reach that I was capable of in real life. That means losing the potential to turn out at the qualities with which can be a serious barrier to social parasites and open the eyes of those around him.
Behavioral foundations are formed in childhood. The fact that our children get the games — moral degradation. Most often the victims of virtual reality in our country are children and teenagers — parents encourage their kids virtual adventures, naively thinking that it is better to bad company in the doorways. Alas, learn how to kill time computer "shooter." The most common principle of the game — murder for financial gain. In general, most of the actions in the game boils down to this: kill the conventional enemies, you get points for that ranking, experience, titles and the like. Plus virtual money and some items. Topics of most games cultured deception and violence as the only way forward. Without it, simply can not win, and many gamers tend to draw parallels between the game and life.
In addition, there is such a thing: the games of the players seen all rubbish, which they are capable. The reason for that is conditional impunity. Every day there are game moments, when you can go against conscience. Beat the weak and wounded, of somebody else's reward, cheat or take advantage of the trust and other inexperienced players for financial gain. Vaccinated, as a norm, the principles of conduct "might makes right, and" and "using cunning and deception can achieve material gain."
If there is a division between the opposing sides, it makes a lot of hatred and contempt for rivals. Compelled by dastardly deeds against players of the opposite "camp", harassment, stronger desire to harm, hurt verbally, to gloat over the failures. However, such actions are often supported and endorsed by the "friends" that encourages new "exploits" of this kind.
Few people think that sitting at the other end are the same people, no worse for them and differ only in "color." Mortgaging hatred and prejudice to any dissenters, or appear differently. This serves as a divisive people on any ground, the differences that can not but affect the attitude towards other nations, beliefs and interests. Just demeanor imposed by the principle: "He who is not with us is against us."

The third goal games — instilling negative character traits
If anyone thinks that the virtual theft, murder and humiliation of others for any reason will not affect the identity and actions in real-life, he is mistaken. Often teenagers, began playing, carry the world in real life. Scientists and psychologists have long been an association between stiffness in video games and aggressive behavior in real life. Adolescents, who are active in the computer wars, consider aggressive behavior norm, violence — an effective way to resolve conflicts. They have reduced emotional sensitivity to the victims.
We proceed to the fourth goal without preamble. She understood almost everything. It is pumping money from the players.
For the pleasure to pay. The slogan, which is difficult to argue. And it is clear that the services provided are worthy of payment. The question is the price. Do you know how much money is to draw a picture of that copy less than a minute to give the hosts the game? These are huge numbers. For example, you can take one of the most popular MMORPG.
Some people spend it for more than 25 thousand rubles a month, and it is not isolated cases, but the practice of the "elite", so called "realschikov" who put money into the game, for the championship. A low-income players almost every least 500 rubles a month so throw. The principle is simple, you can earn 100 coins an hour, and you can throw 40 rubles and have fun playing. The formula "time = money" works flawlessly on those who want to keep up with the others.
In addition, the regular passing of time shares provoke new investments, so as not to miss the moment. And through that, conditionally free game every month is more than one thousand newcomers. And the company that it contains, is still a couple of dozen games on the same principle. The scale is impressive, is not it? More curious is that imposed upon the following principle: "Who has the money, he is cool, and rights." Again imposing patterns of thinking that the poor no matter what can not that money rules the world.
"What is life? Game "- Shakespeare said. But after a few centuries the capitalists have turned the phrase, and now more commonly heard enthusiastic cry: "This is not a game, this is life!" Today, millions of people voluntarily crammed themselves into a matrix of computer games, chained themselves to the keyboard-dependent virtual reality. Hooked exciting fantasy battles, depending on the victim live in the game. Meanwhile, ruthless machine gaming industry to reap billions in profits shattered souls, producing more and more perfect substitutes reality.
In the early nineties, only lazy psychologist noted the publication of the dangers of computer games, then just raise their heads. Now, in place of the articles are published reviews of new models of virtual dope.
Computer gambling as dangerous as other types of addiction. Because it is based on mental condition, and subsequent maladjustment person. In this suffering and physical health. There are cases of heart attacks and strokes at the computer. Permanent seat at the computer contributes to the development of nervous system disorders and psychosomatic diseases. Many hours of continuous presence in front of the monitor can cause blurred vision, low immunity, headaches, fatigue, insomnia. Moreover, a long stay in a sitting position to exert a strong pressure on the spine, which causes frequent back pain and postural problems.
Events associated with the virtual characters are experienced as their own, and the adrenaline is released into the blood — in itself a drug that makes us work areas of the brain responsible for pleasure, it is addictive and a search for similar experiences. Normally, this hormone stimulates the body, and he collapses on the move. But sitting in the blood of the body, he stands, disrupting the nervous system. As a result — neurasthenia and irreparable changes in the brain. There are many cases when the games to encourage the "incidental" drunkenness and adoption of various stimulants.
So, on the effects on the body computer entertainment akin drugs. But if the intoxicating substances uncompromisingly fight the whole world, then to gambling is a matter only in some enthusiasts. A particularly difficult situation with "gaming" addiction situation in Russia, where booming computer "piracy." Games are readily available, and the population not adequately informed to assess the risk posed by them.

Games clearly do not contribute to a healthy lifestyle
And the most important thing. Science fiction writers often created works in which the described embodiment of the future where all people live closely in two worlds, virtual reality and the real world. And by their recognition of the many letters that readers have expressed the hope that this world will be a reality.
Worth thinking about. Progress does not stand still, where he is under a great benefit. Soon we will offer a full dive into virtual reality. And for this to be just something to implant into the body of a small priborchik. And you can be sure that tens of millions of players enthusiastically accept the proposal.
The development of the gaming industry — preparing for the chipping of people. The transition from the slave dependent psychologically, to slaves, dependent physically through the entertainment industry, there is!
Computer games are clearly one of the tools of moral and invisible genocide. As long as people play games while sitting on the psychological dependence on them, they can be easily managed. You can hold any laws and plunder the wealth of the country. Disband the army and prepare for the seizure of land. Almost no one notices it, gaze directed at the screen, and the consciousness concerned only the development of game play.
Virtual slaves unwilling to take off his shackles and happy vlezut a new cage if it will meet the needs and have attractive packaging.
Take a look around our dying world, which is still not too late to save them. On suffering people, who else can help. For the future of us and our children, which is only now in our hands. And the world will live where our descendants will be what we make it, by their actions or omissions.
Everyone has to decide what wants to see his country and his people. Community, weak-willed, stupid and dependent on the system of slaves, or rising from his knees Power, where everyone will be free and dobroporyadochen, like our ancestors. The most interesting game — it's our life. Get rid of their addiction, Russ, it's time to wake up!


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