The heavy drone strike: to be, but when and how?

Heavy percussion UAV: will be, but when and how?In April of this year in a number of media reports about the Russian Ministry of Defense ordered a new type of aircraft. The Russian military wants to get grievous unmanned flying apparatus, created for the use of air strikes. It has already appeared similar information, but now alleged that the company, developers are given specific terms of reference.

First information about the intentions of the Ministry of Defence regarding drone appeared in 2009. Then the responsible persons of the Defense Ministry announced plans for the creation and purchase of UAVs for various purposes, and M. Pogosyan disclosed the information about the new UAV, most likely, will be a joint development company "Sukhoi" and "MiG". After that, a few years announcements in the field of unmanned in the vast majority of cases involved the development and purchase of other devices with remote control. What's all the same to the languid percussion drone, something about it until the middle of 2011 there was virtually no information. The information vacuum has been little "full" in August of last year, when there were reports regarding the association "unmanned" departments "MiG" and "dry." It was also clarified that the new UAV will have a weary and shock appointment.

After the news again, followed by a break. Apparently, the combined design department is developing a promising type of drone. Preparatory work if they really were completed by April 2012, when it was reported on the approval of the Department of Defense specification for a new UAV. Some details of the job with all this not announced because of the secrecy of the project. At the same time, in April, some aviation experts have argued that the new device will be carried out in a modular scheme. In support of this conjecture cited the possibility of relatively normal configuration capabilities such UAVs. But official data on this has not yet been reported.

July 6, 2012 in the treasury disk imaging languid shock bespilotnike added new information that still should not be considered as official and one hundred percent correct. The publication "," referring to some unnamed source in the defense industry says that the design languid UAV company will "dry." Why is derived from the project experts at the company "MiG" and other details of personnel by designing the source did not elaborate. Similarly, the source did not say anything about the technical characteristics as identified in the job, or the price of applets. Such a small amount of data looks very little surprising. Why source, retaining anonymity, did not share other information — is not clear. Well, actually getting disk imaging of unnamed sources is the prerequisite for all kinds of suspicions and conclusions.

With all this we should not forget about the almost complete absence of any confirmed officials disk imaging. For this reason, all the information available now, with very few exceptions, all it is worth to consider versions, and even clean water speculation. With other hand, such a situation is a beautiful occasion for intelligence and reasoning on the prospects in the direction of an unmanned Russian aviation industry. One of the most fascinating views of the promising drones expressed by Chairman of Public Council under the Ministry of Defence military expert I. Korochenko. According to him, promising apparatus must be not only an advanced type of weapons built into most modern communication and control systems, and platform for developing new technologies. In principle, nothing prevents further use of development on the topic of languid drone strike in the design of the sixth-generation fighter. In addition, the new drone in the future will be able to become a testbed for the development and testing of control systems with elements of artificial intelligence.

At the same time, a platform for new technologies may be other unmanned vehicles, the development of which is at the present time. According to reports, the company "Transas" OKB "Falcon" at the moment immediately designing two unmanned system: with a takeoff weight of up to 5 tons and tons respectively. The works are held together in the framework of the agreement on strategic cooperation. Exactly as with the languid drone, information about projects "Transas" and "Falcon" is still closed. On the basis of the declared weight characteristics, you can come to the conclusion that multi-purpose vehicles. Go with this "Helicopters of Russia" not so long ago began to design multipurpose unmanned helicopter. In this case, as a partner in the project can be held Israeli company IAI.

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