The heavy tank T26E1 Super Pershing

Beginning with the landing in Normandy, British and South American troops sometimes have to meet the new German tank PzKpfw VI Ausf. B Tiger II, also recognized under the title Konigstiger. Translation adopted a second name — "King Tiger", although it is true that word translated as "Bengal Tiger." Royal Bengal "Tigers" had a terrific defense and good for the long 88-millimeter gun. If it were not for a small number of issued tanks of this type — less than 5 hundred — the soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition would have received a lot of problems. But in the late summer of 1944 the South American command had no information on the rate of production, because the response was reciprocal nature.

Since the beginning of the 44th year Watervliet Arsenal employees working on a new towed anti-tank gun. T15 had a gun caliber of 90 mm and, according to the preparatory calculations, could hit the "Panther" at a distance of about 2-km. To break through the front armor "Tiger-2", respectively, required to allow to approach it a little closer. Such excellent performance of the U.S. military quickly intrigued and those claimed to finish the development of tools in a very short time. Employees of Watervliet, gathering experienced gun used a unique approach. In stock Arsenal had a few pieces for a similar caliber guns. Soon the two of them were converted by the channel width of 90 mm and are connected to other mechanisms gun. Two of these guns were the index of T15. Test firing at the Aberdeen proving ground for several weeks clearly showed the correctness of the calculations. So, the range is broken plates, the equivalent head-sheet "Panther", a shell T44 exceed 2300 meters. Guns recommended for serial production.

During the test guns T15 someone from the military reservation, they say, That would be a cannon, right at the tank … It is said — made. Workers in Aberdeen Proving Ground consulted with the designers-gunners and soon put the gun on a heavy version of the M26 Pershing tank T26E1. In this case, testers Aberdeen helped employees of Wellman Engineering. Tests of the new tank held on-site assembly, all on the same Aberdeen Proving Ground. The gun for the tank received index T15E1

Chassis little refreshed tank has not changed. The eight-cylinder internal combustion engine Ford GAF up to 500 horsepower provided the tank road speed of 30-35 km per hour. It was a little less than the initial "Pershing". There were some assumptions and they were to follow. Tank, the latest gun, "fatter" on a couple of tons. The fact that the new gun had a very long barrel length of 73 gauge. Vpribavok to this gun was equipped with a muzzle brake, which turned out to be voted on at a pretty long lever. Because of this, had to seriously rework the tower. In 1-x, removed turret stowage of ammunition, which is located at the place counterweight. In-2, at the top of the tower set up two of the balance spring design. It was very embarrassing for the military operation, but rather to the test. Regardless of the length of the machine which has grown with the gun, she was able to maintain good properties, but because of the counterweight, a longish stem and balancing the highest rate decreased slightly. Yet, such a sacrifice in the name of firepower deemed admissible.

Another feature is the new tank, which influenced the ease of use, considered inapplicable in order to leave. The shells for the gun T15E1 had a length of more than 125 cm Appeal with such ammunition was not very comfortable even in his native tower "Pershing". As for the tank T26E1, then they had a more powerful gun breech and no question of frisky loading of the gun did not go now. Because of this, the military claimed to make new ammo with separate loading. For the base for a new separate shots taken round T33, and later was similarly revamped T44. Cannon has also undergone some changes related to the new method of loading. Refreshed tool designated index T15E2.

Go with alteration of shells and cannon South American designers, engineers, an experimental tank a more solid look. Brand new modification was called the T26E3. With the previous layout got the idea to counterbalance the place of application, and changed the hydropneumatic spring balancers. The high efficiency of the new compensation devices is allowed to take them inside the tower, and not to the threat of being curled and enemy fire. T15E2 gun mount system helps to build it vertically in the range from -10 ° to +20 °. In combat pack housed up to 54 shells and cartridges of various types.

Second layout languid tank with a 90-mm gun was ready by the end of 1944. Fascinating fate of the first prototype T26E1. Immediately after the test at the site promptly sent him to Europe to test in real-world criteria. In January, the 45th this tank was modified in the field workshop 3rd Armored Division. With a padded "Panther" cut sheet of armor and put on the forehead body's own tank. In addition, in a similar manner has been strengthened and the protection of the tower. After these modifications tank again lost a part of speed, but acquired a nickname: Super Pershing. In the modified form of handicraft "Super Pershing" with a unitary loading the first time I went into battle. Naturally, the appeal with the gun was not entirely comfortable, but its firepower is more than compensated for all the other prepyadstviya.

"Super Pershing" opened his own battle through February 45th. The first target was affected, presumably, PzKpfw IV recent series. Further experimental machine crew knocked out several German tanks. During the fighting Super Pershing received some minor damage: due to the strong gun he could storm the enemy armored vehicles at such distances, in which the German tank crews could not keep steady fire. "The Pearl Collection" crew T26E1 was one Konigstiger. The clash ended with the victory of the languid tanks Yankees. However, this episode is unlikely to be referred to as revealing. The fact that the South American tankers catch when Tiger II, stopping at some fragments structure for a few seconds "indicated" its bottom. Specifically, in this part and had to hit.

Second model of the "Super Pershing" lingered on the tests and did not get to the front. But thanks to him, the U.S. military government in March 45th gave the order instead of the regular tanks M26 «Pershing" let a thousand pieces of machinery refreshed with a gun T15E1. By the time of the preparation of serial production of Nazi Germany was defeated. The order for the new tanks at one time limited trial batch of 25 pieces. These armored vehicles dispersed to test sites, where used for various purposes related to the development of new systems for the protection of tanks — 90-mm gun had sufficient power in order to simulate a promising anti-tank guns. According to unconfirmed reports, a few "Super Pershing" was visited in Korea, where they encountered the Russian T-34. Infy results of such fights there.

Crew: 5 people

Length without gun: 6327 mm
Length with gun: ~ 10577 mm
Width: 3510 mm
Height: 2
780 mm

Main: 90mm gun T15E1 L 73 or T15E2 L 73; ammunition — 54 shots
Optional: 2 machine guns 30-caliber M1919A4 (exchange and twinning) and the anti-aircraft gun 50-caliber, ammunition — 5000 rounds of ammunition and 550 respectively

Head-on (top): 102mm 44 °
Head-on (bottom): 76mm 37 °
Onboard: 76mm 90 ° & 51mm 90 °
Stern: 51mm 80 ° & 19mm 28 °
Top: 22mm 0 °
Bottom: 25mm 0 ° & 13mm 0 °
Head-on: 102mm 90 °
Mask gun: 114mm 90 °
Onboard: 76mm 82 ° — 90 °
Stern: 76mm 85 ° — 90 °
Top: 25mm 0 °
Produced: 25 units (2 to the end of the war in Europe)

Properties gun T15E2:

The projectile HE T42, beg. fast. 975 m / s.

The projectile AP T43, beg. fast. 975 m / s., Armor penetration at 30 ° C.
500 yards — 132mm
1,000 yards — 127mm
1,500 yards — 124mm
2,000 yards — 122mm

The projectile HVAP T44, beg. fast. 1143 m / s., Armor penetration at 30 °:
91-m = 310 mm (330 mm?)
457-m = 244 mm
914-m = 221 mm
1371-m = 196 mm
1828 = 173 mm
Recharging: Split
Rate: Up to 4 rds. / Min

Fans of American military vehicles in the game World of Tanks will be able to conquer the field of virtual fights here on this on preimiumnom tank T26E1 Super Pershing

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